Why Goal Setting Is Rocket Fuel For Your Biz - Rachel Smith

This is an interesting topic for me as a trained life coach – as coaches we are taught after every coaching call you must get your client to set a goal.

When I first set up in business in 2009, that’s exactly what I did and this works brilliantly when you are working 121 with clients.

What’s happens though when you start to run workshops, programmes, groups, online clubs and even online programmes?

And over the past 2 or 3 years it has become fashionable not to SET GOALS.

However, I like goals.  I set myself goals all the time.  Goals give me clarity about where I should be focusing.  This especially becomes important every time I step up in my business, when I am consciously stretching and growing in my business.

Also it allows me to spend my precious time focusing on the activities that will truly help me.  For example, it helps me to decide if something I am following is a distraction or the next tool I need for my business.

How Goal Setting Is The Real Game Changer

Recently my friend Jane reminded me how much having a clear goal can motivate you.  Following the summer holidays whilst out cycling together, I asked Jane – so what goals are you setting yourself this autumn?  I knew Jane would have set herself some clear goals, a mixture of work, home and health and she didn’t disappoint.  And as the weeks pass by, Jane is moving forward with her goals.  Not in some mad focused crazy way, but with clarity about what is important to her right now.

Setting goals allows you to know what you want, how you are going to achieve it and by when.  It also allows you to identify early on where you need some help.

For example, I have recently set myself a goal to attend a networking event every week. To achieve this, I need childcare.  There is little point in booking to attend a networking event when I don’t know if my husband is available to look after the children.

Rocket Fuel For Businesses

Setting goals in business is super important – I have recently introduced goal setting into my monthly club. As a member of The Business Grower’s Club, the members have access to a monthly goal setting call.  My members spend 20 minutes at the beginning of the month setting their goals.  And boy they are making great progress this month.

One of the reasons setting goals works is, we are all busy.  Juggling life, children, other jobs and it’s all too easy to spend time on social media, faffing about and not moving our business forward.

When you have a clear goal – i.e. Become a guest blogger for Entrepreneur by the 30th September it makes you figure out how to make this happen.  And when you expand on that goal further and identify how this goal will help you achieve a bigger goal, I will grow my email list by an additional 1000 new contacts within the next 3 months –  it really sets you on a clear path to success.

Can You Use Goals When You Have A Daily Spiritual Practice?

Personally I believe you can, every time you identify a goal, you are setting a clear intention to receiving that outcome/results into your life.

You can use journaling, meditating, visualisation,  Law Of Attraction to strengthen your goal.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible – Tony Robbins”

Your Goals For October

Here’s a quick goal setting exercise for you – copy these questions into your journal and respond to each question.

Step 1:  By the 31 October 2015 what do you want to have achieved in your business?

Step 2:  Why is this important to you and your business?

Step 3:  Create a goal for each result you want to achieve in October (remember goals are set in the positive, I will be a guest blogger for the Entrepreneur)

Step 4:  For each Goal, identify the steps you need to take that help you make your goal happen

Step 5: Take Action, every day

Happy Growing, Rachel x

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