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Something pretty radical is shifting in my world – for over 10 years I have HELD ONTO a belief that actually changed my life and not for the better.

This belief was passed onto me by AN EXPERT and I totally believed it to be true for over 10 years.

It’s a long story, however I will keep it brief because I really want to share how this is relevant to how we run our businesses.

My Long Held Belief

Over 10 years ago, I sustained an injury to my right ankle, in a car accident. My ankle was dislocated, I underwent surgery , which led to my ankle being in plaster for several years.  My treatment ended with some physio.

Following the physio, I was really keen to return to my normal level of activity and fitness, which, at the time was fairly high.  At my final appointment with the Senior Consultant at the hospital, I was shocked to be told that returning to my usual activities would NEVER happen.  I was told that I would never run again, it would cause too much distress on the ankle.

At the time and for a long time afterwards my ankle was very painful.  So I adapted my activities – instead of the normal circuit training, I swapped it for pilates etc., I stopped running and undertaking any high impact sport.

And I believed that advice until recently.

I love cycling, however this winter I have swapped my outdoor cycling for Spinning until the lighter days arrive.

Chatting with my husband about my first Spinning Class, I shared how there was a lot of standing up in the pedals and how difficult I found this on my ankle.  My husband, who knows all about my injury and diagnosis, said how doing this could strengthen my ankle, I totally rubbished this idea – I reminded him how I HAD BEEN TOLD this would not be the case.

However, as I continued with the classes, my ability to complete more of the class stood up in the saddle has significantly increased and my old pain has reduced.

This weekend, I actually did something I was told I would NEVER DO.  I completed a 2km run (with my 5 year old, I actually slowed her down!!)

And it got me thinking about how we all hang onto beliefs that have been passed onto us by others – sometimes this is loved ones, angered ones and even by EXPERTS.

Money Beliefs

I see and hear this all the time when I am working with my clients and talking with my audience, many of these amazing women actually BELIEVE they can not:

  • Make more money in their business
  • Put their prices up and continue to succeed
  • Stop swapping their ‘actual’ time for money
  • Spend money on themselves
  • Invest in their business – they have to figure it out themselves

Our money beliefs are just like my belief about being able to RUN.  It is JUST a story that has been passed down to us and we take it as the truth.  And even though many of these amazing women are working hard in their business, they remain stuck.

What If It Wasn’t True?

Consider for a moment, the stories you are telling yourself about business.  Perhaps you are busy telling yourself:

  • It’s really hard running a business, the only way to succeed is to work hard, keep my prices low.
  • It’s a really BUSY market place with tons of other people doing what I do – I am grateful for the small piece of the market I have.
  • Who I am to increase my prices – what will my clients, my family, my friends think?

What would business be LIKE if you actually rewrote those beliefs? 

If you actually started to focus on some different beliefs?  And even though you might feel some resistance about moving away from those stories you have been busy telling yourself.  What if you focused on:

  • Understanding what a positive difference you make to your clients and knowing what that is ‘worth’ to your ideal client
  • Accepting that you can and will attract more clients and money to you
  • Spending money on yourself – ditch that makeup that you have had for ever, upgrade your jeans, so you feel fabulous, organise regular appointments with your hairdressers, replace those horrible socks, that are mismatching and holey AND actually invest in your business?


I invite you to take some time out to identify:

  1. The BELIEFS that are keeping you stuck
  2. Rewrite those beliefs
  3. Take the action – ditch the socks, book the appointments,
  4. Each day approach your business with BELIEF that you can and you will
  5. Open yourself up to receiving more ABUNDANCE in your life

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Let’s make sure our beliefs are our truth and are helping US to grow our amazing businesses.