Why The Summer Holidays Are BAD For Biz | Rachel Smith
Why The Summer Holidays Are BAD For Biz (2)With just a few days before my children finish school for their LONG holidays, I have been reflecting on why the summer holidays are bad for biz!!
I am so excited to be spending this quality time with my children and we have some fabulous plans too – many involving a tent which may NOT be the best idea with our current summer weather!
Whatever the weather, we will have a great time.
In the past I felt very stressed about running a business and looking after the children during the long holidays.  I have tried taking the entire time off, I have tried to juggle it all.  I have now perfected the art of running a business and taking time out.
Thank goodness!
Is this resontating with you??
Perhaps you have young school age children or perhaps your clients are parents with school age children.
There is the temptation to turn your OPEN sign over to CLOSED.
However, this is SO BAD for your future business.
Let me expanded on why I believe this is BAD for business.
The obviously point is, you will lose money.  You may have already turned down work that would result in you working in the summer.
If you completely disappear from radar, stop posting on social media, your blog etc., people will start seeking their content elsewhere.
When you return in September you will have to crank up your marketing and visibility and it could take up to three months for you to attract in new clients and money into your business.
Remember you are reaping the benefits NOW of the marketing you did three months ago.
Not only will you miss out on the clients who wanted to buy from you during the summer, you will also be missing out on potential income in September / October and November!
I understand you want to have time off this summer or your clients are not actively online.  However it is essential you don’t close the doors this summer.
Here are some of my strategies for keeping my business OPEN whilst taking time off.
Batch Your Content
Create your content for the week in ADVANCE and schedule it.  This will take 90 minutes once a week but it will look like you are still open.
Use Facebook Live / SnapChat
Engage with your audience whilst you are out and about with your family.  Find a quiet spot for 10 minutes a day and create some fabulous content for your audience.
Automate Your Biz
Have your lead magnet automated so you are constantly calling NEW clients to you, whilst you are taking time off.
Complete A Project
Last summer I joined Denise Duffield Thomas Rich Bitch Bootcamp just BEFORE the schools finished.  This was the perfect time for me to complete a 8 week programme!!
In that time, I learnt and changed so many money beliefs and habits.  It was fabulous to know this was all done by September.
I started September totally understanding HOW to build and grow my income.
It also gave me focus and energy for business after spending all day with the children.
This summer, I will be working on creating my brand new PODCAST SHOW – there I have said it, I have to do it now!!!
Choose a project that will take about 6 weeks to complete – what will you choose?
Plan It Out!
Create a plan for engaging with your audience from the word GO in September.
Ensure everything in place – your free challenge / webinar series / telesummit / workshops / blogs / offers.
Get Creative With Your Childcare
I am still working with my clients this summer – I have swapped time with other working Mums and yes this does mean that some days I will have 5 children to entertain but in return my 2 children will have the most amazing time whilst I can work GUILT FREE.
Whatever you decide to do – don’t close the door on your amazing business this summer.
There are some smart and effective ways to continue to work and have a presence with your audience.
Love Rachel x

Why The Summer Holidays Are BAD For Biz (2)