Selling Is Your Job - It's Time To Be Fully OPEN For Biz! - Rachel Smith

Love itr or hate it – there is no getting away from selling!

Selling is your job – love it or hate it, it’s time you are FULLY open for biz!

Selling is one of the biggest challenges female entrepreneurs have.

I hear all the time about how women can’t sell and won’t sell.

I know of women who shy away from naming their prices, some even give a discount before they are asked for one.

Selling for many is scary.

And I get that.  However, this year I was asked a question that massively resonated with me and changed how I NOW sell.

I was asked – was I really open for business?

This was based on the lack of evidence about whether I ACTUALLY told my audience HOW they can work with me.

I didn’t think I had any problems with selling or promoting or launching.

However, when I dived a little deeper into this question – I was definitely not FULLY OPEN for business.

I had been following a launch pattern – where I would create an amazing product and then launch it for a three week period, once or twice a year.

The problem with this model is:

  1. It takes over your life – I put on a stack of weight and neglected my family over a launch in February this year
  2. If the launch fails to produce your desired number of paying clients, your income takes a nose dive UNTIL the next launch
  3. Your audience isn’t always ready to buy from you during the launch period.
  4. Your audience might be consumed with something else in life and MISS your launch
  5. It takes all of your energy! You need a big audience, a big campaign, a big budget and a big team.

I realised that I wanted to be OPEN FOR BUSINESS constantly.  I have big dreams and goals and I wasn’t going to fulfil them this year by being closed for business.

I realised that SELLING was my job!

It was my responsibility to sell to my audience.  To let them know HOW I can help and support them.

People can choose whether they are ready to work with you or not.

I now SELL all the time.

This year, I am regularly promoting coaching or training that will support female entrepreneurs to accelerate their results, working with more of the clients they love and making more money.

The Results

My results have been business changing.  And the number of women I have supported, who now have a completely different business and who are consistently growing their business has massively increased!

I have very little fear about selling – launching – creating new opportunities all the time.

Of course people on my email list have decided to leave.

More people have joined.

My visibility has increased 100%

I am fully open.

Selling is part of what being a business person is all about.

If this post is resonating with you – I have a really helpful Cheatsheet on my website that actually take you through the steps I use in my sales calls.

Download yours here – just scroll down to the second resource – Fall In Love With Selling.

You can adapt this to use in your sales conversations and calls.


Consider this – how many clients could you be supporting and positively impacting if you sold more?

Do what you need to, in order to make selling easier and more comfortable for you.

Love Rachel x