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Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge Is Power

In my coming blogs over the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing some of my favourite Business Resources I use to grow my business.

This week, I am sharing a WEEKLY Practice I bring into my business.  This practice, helps me to keep focused and achieve great results.

My Weekly Practice

At the end of my working week, I find 10-15 minutes and review how my week has progressed.

Why Reviewing The Week Is Essential

There are always lessons to be learnt – you know, the things that didn’t work.  Perhaps some of your activities didn’t bring in the results you were looking for or you tried something new and it hasn’t quite worked yet.

And there are always celebrations too – the social media post that was well received – brilliant, you know to write more content like this.  Securing a new paying client – fabulous, take those steps again.

All of these achievements need to be celebrated, this helps you to RETRAIN your brain to search for the positive not the problems.  And when you achieve a mindset like this, you will make great progress in your business.

You need to understand what works in your business so you can RINSE & REPEAT those steps.

You also need to understand if you have a KNOWLEDGE GAP that needs plugging or if you just need to DITCH an idea or actions that you either don’t like doing or doesn’t work for you.

If you are one of the many business owners, I know (and I have done this before) where you rock up at your workplace whether that’s your kitchen table, office, treatment room or workshop without a clear idea of how you will take your business forward or knowing what works in your business – it is highly likely that you will fritter your precious time away on social media and other tasks and when the end of the week has come, you will still be wondering why it is taking FOREVER to book more clients and grow your business.

As my wonderful client Jen says ‘ you have to act like the CEO you are for your business’

I have created a really simple WORKSHEET you can print out with the exact review I complete every week.  Just pop over my website and pick up your copy today. It’s FREE.  Receive yours NOW –

Print this off and make a date in your diary to complete this at the end of your week.

To ensure your review helps you even FURTHER with your business, take these following 5 Steps.

This is going to be give you clarity, control, a PLAN and tons of FOCUS.

  1. Complete The Review
  2. Consider What Have You Learnt?
  3. What Actions Will Continue With?
  4. What Will You DITCH/DELEGATE?
  5. Now Create A Plan For The Following Week

If you have any questions please post them below.

Enjoy growing your business – remember the saying “Knowledge is POWER”.  Completing my review will give you SO much knowledge about what is working in your business so you can really focus on the actions that help you achieve GREAT RESULTS.

Love Rachel x