20 Ways Masterminds Help You To Earn More Money - Rachel Smith
Here Are 20 Fabulous Ways Masterminds Help You To Earn Money:20 Reasons Why Masterminds Help You To Earn More Money In Your Biz

I am so excited – next week sees the start of my 90 day Mastermind https://www.rachelsmithlifecoach.com/gracefulmastermind/ for 6 savvy female business owners who are ready to elevate their business and take it to the next level.

There are only 5 places left and I have several conversations booked in this week to discuss this opportunity with these women.

If you haven’t booked a call, you might be wondering just why you would even join a Mastermind Group – here are 20 Fabulous reasons why working in a Mastermind Group will support you and your business to move from where you are right now to where you want to be.

When I created this list, I didn’t have to sit and scratch my head for these 20 reasons – these reasons just flew out of me because I understand the power of Masterminds.  I could have added a lot too, but hey we are all busy and who has time to read 20 more.  If I haven’t convinced you in these 20, a Mastermind is definitely not for you.  And that is ok too.


1. Time

Designated time in your busy day to work on your business.  In my mastermind you have access to 2 x Group Coaching Calls A Month PLUS a Private Coaching Call with me.  This is set up in advance so you know exactly when you are taking a breather from your business so you can complete the BOSS JOBS that will see your business grow.

2. Support – Both Ways

During your time in the Mastermind, you will be supported every step of the way through daily access to myself via a Private Facebook Group, the Group Calls and our 121 work.  Plus all of the other members of the Mastermind will be there supporting you.

PLUS the real winner here is – you will also be supporting the other 5 members of the group, indirectly.  Your confidence in what you know, will massively increase as you realise how powerful your experience and knowledge is.  You will shake off, the ‘curse of knowledge’ and start to step up and own who you truly are!  This Mastermind is much more than business.  This is personal.

3.Consistent Action

Consistency is key to your success and growth.  In the Mastermind you will be supported to take consistent action in your business. You will be consisently showing up to your audience, you will be consistently be creating amazing opportunities for your clients, you will be consistently selling and you will be consistently growing your awesome business.



Over the next 90 days you will grow your business, through the support, the consistent action taking and resources available to you.I will be supporting you to create irresistible freebies, offers, launches and opportunities for your audience.

Your business will grow and you will grow through your actions and understanding of what works for you and your business.


Your business will evolve. Perhaps even more incredible, will be the journey you will go on.  You will being to evolve and become the person you need to become, in order to have the business and life you desire.

Are you ready to live an extraordinary life?


You will learn the strategies and approaches that work for you and your business.  I will be sharing what I use to grow my business.  This year alone, I have already invested in thousands in coaching and courses.  My understanding and expansion has massively grown.  I will be passing this all onto you.

Although you will be part of a Mastermind, you will be treated as an individual.  I don’t believe that one size fits all.


Yes you will be held accountable for taking your identified steps and actions.  This is one of the most powerful elements of the Mastermind – Accountability.

When was the last time you were held accountable in your business?  Was it submitting your TAX RETURN?  I bet you got it in!

Imagine what you will achieve when you are held accountable for taking action and making things happen in your business over a 90 day period.


One of my favourite aspects – working in a group with women who are all on a similar journey to yourself, will increase your frequency.  You will be inspired by other people’s actions and vice versa.

Working with someone like myself, who is a couple of rungs further up the ladder, will increase your frequency.

The Mastermind will not be a place for us to come together to bitch and moan.  We will be coming together to grow our business in a beautiful supportive manner.

As the saying goes ‘it takes a whole village to raise a child’ – what will it take to grow your business?

When you work at a higher frequency – people notice you!  You will be a light to your ideal client.


During the 90 days you will learn SO many lessons about yourself – about what works and about what doesn’t work.

I will support you to understand these lessons and how to use these lessons, rather than allow these lessons to dampen your spirit and dreams.

As a group you will also see the lessons that other people are learning too – this is so powerful.  You will have the opportunity to not make these mistakes – this saves time and money.


Before you even start the Mastermind, you will be setting out exactly what you are committing to working towards.  You will have total clarity on your desired results before you even start!

Join the Mastermind before the 20th (today) and you will be invitied to this special 2 hour Class, Live – see here for more details https://www.rachelsmithlifecoach.com/gracefulmastermind/


When you join the Mastermind you will have clairty on:

your message
your actions
your prices
your offers
your launches


Through your increased clairty and frequency you will be so fired up to achieve your results, you will be naturally very focused.


As a qualified and experienced coach – I will be coaching you throughout the Mastermind and in particular in our 121’s.  This Coaching will help you to move forward, faster when you are supported to understand and overcome your struggles and beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

I am not making the private coaching an expansive add on but an integral part of the Mastermind.


I will support you over every challenge, obstacle or belief that crops up whilst we are working together.  You be moving ahead without anything stopping you!

Your confidence and belief about who you are and what you are capable of will actually skyrocket!


This Mastermind is actually another course or programme – this is actually the HOW to implement all of those resources and all of your ideas.

I will be sharing any resources I have that I believe will help you.

PLUS any resource I create during the 90 days, you will receive as a FABULOUS bonus!


By saying yes to working with me in this Mastermind – you are actually saying YES to yourself, to your dreams and to your business.

You belief in your business!

You are committing to making your business not to just work but to fly!

17.Building Momentum

By taking consistent, focused and passionate action in your business every day will build MOMENTUM.  Your visibility will increase, your message will become clearer,  you will become clearer about who you are and how you want to work with your clients.I love building momentum in my business, because before you know it potential clients and new opportunities will begin to find you.


You will inspire others!  Not, just the other members of the Mastermind but your clients, your family, your friends and your community.

You will be achieving what lots of and lots of people believe, is actually impossible.

You will be showing other people that actually through focused, consistent and aligned action you can create just what you want!


Who do you think millionaires hang out with?  That’s right, they hang out with other millionaires. This is not because they are snobs – far from it, they understand the power of being connected to other people who are on a similar path to themselves.

I am carefully selecting the women who I invite into the Mastermind – this isn’t for anyone.

This is an amazing opportunity for women who understand the value of investing in their future business, who are driven and passionate about growing their business.  This opportunity is for women who are thinking big and who are ready for a new business adventure.

The women who join the Mastermind will show up and do the work.  Is this you?


Are you ready to trasnsform your – business / income / yourself / your mind-set / your business approach / your client experience?

If you are ready – contact me for a conversation at rachel@rachelsmithlifecoach.com TODAY.

The bonus LIVE goal setting class disappears today PLUS the price increase tomorrow too.