Mad Cows and English Women - Rachel Smith
This weekend I had a NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE – truly! I spent the weekend with some girlfriends in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside and on Saturday we went on a 6 mile walk – no biggie there then.
We are a group of gorgeous, talented, smart and brave women.  Amongst us is a friend who has survived a horrific car accident, another is struggling with an destructive relationship , between us in the past 10 years we have known each other we have raised 9 children, changed careers, being made redundant, lost love, opened businesses – we have got through some CRAP.
So what of this near death experience?  Early into our walk, our footpath took us across a large field.  In this field was a large herd of BIG COWS!
So we set off across this field with our intention clearly set, our confidence was high, we knew we could do it and we wanted to get onto the next part of our journey together – we believed we could.
Within a few moments the cows started to display aggressive behaviour with each other – whilst some of the other women had a slight wobble I held my intention close and carried on regardless. Straight up, one of my friends said “I don’t like cows” I was totally like, they are fine – you just have to wave your arms about and they move on.  Then I confidently demonstrated my cow scaring ability.
Within a matter of minutes – my confidence and resolve was shattered.  My erratic behaviour had aroused the interest of a single cow, who was in the middle of the herd.
And where our journey had been clear, we had taken ourselves off our chosen the path and straight through the middle of the field with cows either side of us.
I was stood on my own, facing a single MASSIVE cow, who put his head down and came swiftly towards me.
I swear – I didn’t have an escape route, a plan, I had no resolve left – I knew I was a goner – this cow was going to have me – here in the middle of this field in the beautiful UK countryside, witnessed by my friends and leaving behind me, my children who would be dramatized forever whenever they looked at a milk carton!
Salvation arrived!  My friend came alongside me and said ‘we have to stick together’ – so we did as moved through the herd, still with this big old cow moving towards us, we saw another small group of walkers confidently walking through the herd, like they totally knew what they were doing and my friend waved them across and asked them for HELP.  Which even though it took them away from their route – they happily did.
We did it – we got through the herd, back on our path and when we stopped shaking, crying and laughing we continued confidently on our way.
First of all I want to apologise for anyone who is shaking their head at our behaviour – don’t worry, next time we are booking a city break!
However, this entire 10 minute near death experience is what I have experienced in my own business in the early days and what I still see in other people’s businesses too.
We start off confidently sure we going to create and run a successful business – we might have some nagging doubts but our conviction is stronger and head off on our path.
However, there are obstacles and challenges that occur along the way – this weekend mine was cows, in business it might be:
  • Understanding how to attract new clients consistently
  • What to charge
  • Making the sale
  • Standing out from the crowd
  • Understanding just who your ideal customer is

​And what I did in the early days and what I see women constantly do in their own business all the time – is they become fearful – quickly.
They harbour thoughts and anxieties about whether they truly can create a successful business – they begin to work on their own, they go off track and head straight into trouble.
Trouble being – themselves. They rarely ask for HELP, they hang onto the belief that they have to figure it out all on their own.
The HELP will get you moving in the right direction – whether that’s giving you new strategies to use in your business, giving you some confidence you can do it, holding you accountable, being your cheerleader.
ASKING IS POWERFUL – think about where you want to be and the time you will save by getting some help now.
Yesterday I had a follow up call with a wonderful client of mine, who came along to one of my workshops and she said ‘I was in two minds whether to come along to the workshop or not.  I thought I could do this on my own.  However what I experienced was one of the most powerful workshops I have ever attended.  I am now clear about my direction of travel and I wouldn’t have arrived there on my own.’
So my question to you is this – where in your life and your business could you be asking for more HELP?