It's Not Over Until You Hear Santa Sing - Rachel Smith

Do you think that’s it?

Are you sat thinking, that’s it there is NO more opportunities left in 2015 to make any MORE money?

This is actually a prime time for businesses to make more money – whether you are a retail business or not.

Your clients are likely to be thinking:

  • I still want to get healthy THIS year

  • In these next 2 months I am going to focus my self care as the busy Christmas period starts

  • I am determined to achieve my business goals this year

  • I will make 2015 count by……………………… and of course

  • Right I am going to crack this Christmas present buying early on!​

November and December are key money making times for all of our businesses.  So it is definitely not over until you hear Santa singing.

Your clients are highly likely to be focusing on making these final 2 months count.  So want can you do NOW that will help your clients achieve their goals and aspirations?

Perhaps you have already thought this through and have a clear idea about how you can are going to attract more money.  Fantastic.

However if you are feeling stuck or unsure what you can possibly take out to your audience, here are 5 Easy Steps You Can Take Create Your Offer:

1. Know Your Ideal Client

What is your client looking for RIGHT now?  Not in 2016 but right now.  Grab a piece of paper and write down all your ideas.  And call some of your ideal clients up and ASK them.  This way you will STOP wasting time creating something they don’t want.

2. Make It Super Simple

Don’t go for a complication offer or launch, just create your offer and start NOW to take it to the market.  Make it simple to join and PAY.  And market it like you mean it.

3. Talk About The BENEFITS

 As we are at the end of the year and this is all about creating an offer that will make a positive impact NOW for your clients, talk about those.

Here are some examples:

Reduce the stress from the Christmas Period with your weekly massage.  Giving you for that essential ME time that will leave your feeling supercharged this Christmas.

Want to finish 2015 with a BANG.  Book in for a 30 minute Call with me to discover how you can make money easily in your business now.

4. Clear ‘YOUR’ Money Stuff

Know you have money blocks that are actually stopping you for earning money? Start working on this straight away.  This is help you attract more clients and money into your business now and in 2016.  You don’t have to wait till January 2016 and miss this money making opportunity.

5. Keep Energised

This is a busy period for all of us – we are running our businesses, our homes and organising Christmas.  Ensure you are taking time to look after YOU.  You might be super busy, but book time OUT to ensure you are having a proper break.  This can be having a bath, taking a nap, going for a walk etc.,

Before you GO I want to share with you details of a very special OFFER I have for you.

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  • find yourself struggling to get paid your true ‘WORTH’

  • If you don’t really understand why clients would work with you

  • You know your money habits are sabotaging your success

  • And if you are constantly coming from a place of LACK (there’s not enough money, clients etc.,)

I GET IT – I truly do.  This year I have supported more business owners to overcome their MONEY BLOCKS AND BELIEFS and I have helped them to grow their amazing business that they love.

This is powerful work and it’s not for everyone.  If you are NOT ready to have a consistent flow of clients and money coming into your business, this programme is not for you.

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