I Am Not A Machine! - Rachel Smith

I am Not A MachineI am delighted to report, I am no longer a machine, working seriously hard in my business for little profit.

This weekend, my little girl wasn’t very well on Saturday.  This resulted in me staying home and watching over her, whilst she slept through her fever.

Previously, I would have thought, right that’s ok, I’ll work.

I would have bought my laptop downstairs into the family room and worked whilst she either slept or woke up, probably feeling frustrated if I was interupted whilst writing some content.

However, this time.  I read her books and kept her company whilst she watched TV. Or I just pottered about, working through the mountain of school paperwork and other household chores, whilst she slept.

I even had a nap.

This is may all sound pretty mundane but actually for me it is revolutionary.

In 2015, I worked ALL the time.  Even when I was bone tired, I worked.

I had created a business model that was a massively hungry beast.  It needed feeding all the time with content, freebies, etc.,

My prices meant I was constantly recuriting new clients.

I had no boundaries on my time.

Now just 6 months on and my business and therefore my world is changing massively.  No, I am not going to (EVER) tell you, I am working 4 hours a week, from a tropical island and earning £1,000,000.00 whilst I sleep!

I am still working hard – because I choose to.

I mainly work Monday through to Thursday but I complete paperwork on Friday after spending the morning with friends.

I try not to work on an evening (however tonight I will be)

My business model has radically changed.

My prices have increased.

My message is stronger and I am 100% understand what I am about and who I am serving – this is mainly down to my wonderful coach, whom I had to trust to change my message, even though I didn’t 100% believe it was right.  I agreed to a little experiment for 4 weeks, and it paid off 100%

I have a schedule in place that works.

I am running multiple launches – I have learnt the ART of launching, I now sell places on my training courses before the sales page goes up.

I add value to my clients and my audience ALL THE TIME.

I am building a tribe who understand how I can help them.

I am making MORE money. Not just a little bit, but HUGE amounts more.  This is all helping me to bring another dream into reality (more about this soon).

I am not afraid of being UNAPOLOGETICALLY successful this year.

And I am doing all of this with grace and a certain amount of ease.

I have support now too!  That is a big WOW for me.

My mind-set and belief is growing, every day.

I have drive and focus.

I love my clients, these amazing women, who put their hands up to their dreams and are saying yes to their future business and who want to be unapologetically successful.

They understand they DO NOT want to grow their business on their own, slowly.

My clients are ready to:

  • Give up their full time jobs and run their successful, amazing businesses
  • Step up in their existing businesses and make it work
  • No longer prepared to listent to their own BS about why their business doesn’t work
  • Become so visible that they start to attract their ideal client all the time, consistently growing their business

I Am Not A Machine – I am unapologetically being successful this year.

And you can too – https://www.rachelsmithlifecoach.com/unapologetically-successful/

In July, I am running a 4 hour live training where I will be sharing just how you can become unapologetically successful this year WITHOUT becoming a machine!

I am covering it all:

How to programme your mind-set for success

Stop the mind monkeys once and for all and build an unapologetic mind-set for success

Complete step by step breakdown of how to build your email list of raving fans

List Building – all the insider secrets for making this work for you and your audience

How to deepen your relationship with your audience so they buy from you

Automate your list building

How to create irresistible offers your fans LOVE and buys

Create the most amazing offers, delight your audience, make it an easy YES for your clients to come and work with you

All of my top strategies for using launches to successfully boost your income

Perfect the art of launching to your audience, without giving up your life. Sell MORE.

Breakdown of just how to sell your products and services gracefully

Learn how to sell gracefully and how to call your ideal clients to you.

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Love Rachel x