Fall In Love With Selling - Rachel Smith

Fall In Love With Selling

Ohh selling – what springs to mind when you think about SELLING?  I recently asked this question at my live event.  The reaction from my audience WASN’T every positive.

Is there any wonder then, when we try to SELL to our audience we would rather be doing ANYTHING else than SELL.

However the reality is, when you are a business owner your business success is BUILT on your ability to SELL.

Get this wrong and it will take you a long time to grow your business.

Rethink Selling

If selling brings up unpleasant experiences or beliefs you have about selling – about being sold to or making a pitch yourself, I invite you to RETHINK SELLING.

Instead, think about how when you are making offers and opportunities to your audience how you can SERVE your clients.

Always come from a place of SERVICE.  This applies to anything you do for your ideal client – whether it’s selling, creating a new product or a fabulous freebie.

Always consider:


Take this work further – I have created a worksheet for to complete this entire exercise so you can understand how to FALL IN LOVE WITH SELLING.

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Get Out Of Your Own Way

This might sound aggressive however, how many times have you been in a conversation with someone and you have failed to talk about a brilliant offer you have that would have really helped them?

Let me give you an example – in the early days of running my own business before I  worked on my selling technique, I would end up speaking to a potential client, giving tons of value and then the conversation would end and I was back to wondering why my business was failing.

Sometimes, our own fears and beliefs STOP us from being of service to our ideal clients.

What would it be like if I never made an offer?  Yes my business would have failed, however 100’s of women would have to figure this stuff, it would have taken them longer and not many business coaches work on your money mindset as well as marketing, so it would have taken these clients ages to figure out they were actually repelling MONEY rather than attracting it.

So next time you are talking to someone and you KNOW you can help them, simply ask permission to discuss this with them.

Here Are 5 Simple Ways You Can Fall In LOVE With Selling

  1. Make Peace With Earning Money  You are running a business that will only exists if you sell your goods and services. Attracting money to you will allow you to grow your business and work with MORE clients.Money is good not evil – think about all the choices you can make when you attract more money to you.
  2. Serve Not Sell  Always consider how you can SERVE your clients. Always come from a place of LOVE and create fabulous goods and services they WANT and that will make a positive impact in their lives.
  3. Name Your Price And Shut Up  When you arrive at the point of your sales conversation where you name your price, there is a danger the price will spill out of you and then you will fill the rest of the space with more chatter.Once you have shared your price. WAIT. Allow the recipient to take in this information.  If they are not FORTH coming, check in and ask them if they have any questions.
  4. Send The No’s On Their Way – With LOVE  Accept that, along the way people will say NO to you. You or the timing of working with you is just not right for them.  Learn whatever lessons you need to learn – perhaps you need to sharpen up what the benefits are working with you or have greater clarity about how you work with your clients.  Whatever the lessons are, take them and then let your ‘potential client’ go.You want to attract in those people who REALLY want that transformation or experience you offer.  You want them to be your raving fans. Not someone who isn’t totally bought into working with you.
  5. Set Up Lots Of Opportunities To Sell  If you have some deep rooted beliefs or fears about selling, definitely do the inner work USE MY FREE WORKSHEET TO COMPLETE THIS (FREE DOWNLOAD). And then create regular opportunities for your ideal client to come and talk to you on a sales call. Choose one day in the week where you can schedule 3 or 4 sales calls.  You will soon get into your flow and when the YES’ start coming your confidence will massively increase.