Change your mindset and change your business

Change your mindset and change your business

Today is an extremley sad date for me but it’s also one of the most POWERFUL too. This is the day my business was created, 9 years ago.


This is the date I returned to work 9 years ago after having 6.5 months off on maternity leave with my first baby and discovered that the ONE person I was excited to be working with again had suddenly died.

This person, Tracy, was my best buddy at work. We had both been recruited on the same day to work on the same project for 5 years.

Tracy was a couple of years younger than me, she was tons of fun, hard working and I loved her, massively, you know when you JUST click with someone. Well that was us.

Tracy’s death and my little baby where the catalyst to changing my life FOREVER.

When you speak to business owners, people usually have a point in their life when they decide to run a business, a crossroads.

Some take the leap and others don’t.

I did, I LEAPT. And through my decision to retrain as a life coach, I entered into a brand new world where people RAN THEIR OWN BUSINESSES. This was a brand new concept for me – I had always worked for others, happily and successfully.

However, I began to see how brilliantly running your business could be, the flexibility and freedom and of course the ability to exceed my salary, now limited with working 3 days a week around my baby.

Do you know how long it took me to leave?


I retrained (paid by myself) for a year part time whilst working part time, whilst looking after my baby. I created and ran my business, whilst working part time for another 2 years!!!

I was definitely playing it SMALL. My results were small, I was small, my visibility was almost zero.

I had another baby and had a year off on maternity leave and then I finally left my job.

I fiddled around with my business for another year, still playing small and still receving small results.

I faced the dilema all the time – how long will it take me to make money? Should I give it all up? Should I stay at home with my babies and be satisifed with my lot (and it was a lot, my heart was full of love for my family). Should I get a ‘real’ job?

I chewed my dilema over EVERYDAY.

What Changed?

Everything. I decided I was fed up of playing small – I had used all of my resources to get me where I was, I was stuck and I recognised that something had to SHIFT massively.

I invested in myself with coaches, mentors and experts.

Over the next couple of years, I figured out who I truly was, what my passion and expertise is and how to make a business work, my way.

*I was supported along the way.

*Everything changed when I decided I was no longer playing small.

I know I actually have a bigger vision and I recognise I massively help female business owners to accelerate their income, whilst creating a life and business they love.

I love strategising – discovering new ways business owners can work that is in harmony with who they are. I also love sharing and teaching other business owners how to use the business resources I use to grow my business, gracefully.

Plus, my super powers are helping women to create a wealth mindset that will help them to draw money to them, not repel it.

I don’t play small any more.

And guess what…..I am still supported in my business with my coaches, programmes, mastermind and my technical VA.

And You?

If you sat there wondering why you can’t uplevel your business, your life and your results – my question is this, are you trying to build your business on your own?

If you are, it will be slow, painful and lonely.

My advice is, figure out what is missing and find a person, people or a resource that will help YOU.

Introducing The Graceful Business Academy

I have created The Graceful Business Academy for female business owners who know they want to work with more of their amazing clients, earn more money and move from feeling frustrated to knowing exactly what to do to keep that flow of constant paying clients coming to them.

In May, I have created a training bundle (4 x mini masterclasses + workbooks) that specifically helps you to create a constant flow of paying clients. I have only included the content that will ACTUALLY help you. No BS, glitz or glamour.

Just the resources, strategies and my top secrets for you.

You check all of this out here…/

And better still – you can buy this entire bundle with all of the BONUSES for £33 (per month x 3)

PLUS if you are one of the first 15 to buy you will ACCESS my top bonuses that includes private coaching or additional SECRET training.

My Final Thoughts

Are today about my friend, who I know, if she could see me now, would be blown away with who I am now.

I know she would be so proud that I followed my dream, that I created a fabulous business that gives me the flexibility that serves us as a family.

Don’t be afraid to live the life you truly want, only be afraid of the life you might live if you don’t follow your dreams.

Love Rachel x