6 Things To Do Every Sunday To Improve Your Biz Results! - Rachel Smith
6 Things I Do Every Sunday For Better Biz Results

6 Things I Do Every Sunday For Better Biz Results

This is one of my BIG Strategies I use every week, to achieve my desired GOALS. Plus it helps me to run my business gracefully.

If you are looking for better results without giving up your health and life here are the 6 Things I do Every Sunday.

  1. Decide On My GoalsEvery Sunday, I take out my 90 day plan and identify what needs to happen in the following 5-7 days that will help me achieve my desired results from my 90 day plan.This helps me to keep focused and gives me tons of clarity about just WHERE I need to spend my time and energy. For example, perhaps I haven’t achieved my desired INCOME in the past week, therefore I will map out HOW I am going to increase my income this week.This could result in promoting a particular product or service or to make some follow up sales calls.
  2. Map Out My All Of My Content For The Entire Week

    This is one of the biggest shifts I have bought to my business – mapping out my content for the entire week in advance. Rather than rocking up to my office on Monday morning and spending time wondering what to share next on social media, in my blog and videos, I map this out in advance.TOP TIP: Link your content to your desired goals.  For example, if you are a Health Coach planning to promote a product about eating healthy as a family, you create tons of content about the BENEFITS to why it is essential you do this.

  3. Decide On The Delivery Method In Advance

    I recognise that is SO easy to spend hours of unproductive time on social media.  Therefore each Sunday when I have mapped out my content for the entire week, I also decide how I will deliver the content too, so I create a really clear plan for my key marketing activities for the week.

  4. Batch My Content

    This is a MASSIVE WIN.  Batch your content.  Now you have your content mapped out for you, you can sit and create your blogs / vlogs / social media posts / newsletters in one or two sittings.Boom!Perhaps you don’t have time to batch create your content on a Sunday – I don’t.  I put Monday mornings aside for batch writing/creation.  I choose this time because it works for me – I feel fresh and creative.Find a time that works for you.
  5. Schedule Your Content

    Again, to ensure you are maximising your TIME, once you have created your content, schedule this out across the week.This means you can get on with other jobs or actually NOT work, safe in the knowledge that you still have a social media presence.This is a great practice for a small business owner to get into and REALLY helps me alot when I am on holiday or juggling running a business and the school holidays.

    TOP TIP: Choose a time when your ideal client IS online.

  6. Mindset

    Finally check in with what is happening in your HEAD and HEART before you start your week.  I do this every Sunday. I take a few moments to think about what comes up for me when I think about that networking event / promotion / sales / interview / launch / training to deliver in the coming week.How do I feel?And then I go and complete any mindset work that needs to done to ensure I am in the right mindset to have a fabulous week.

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