Be Utterly Bloody Brilliant In Your Business - Rachel Smith
Be Utterly Brilliant

Be Utterly Brilliant

Are you being Utterly Bloody Brilliant in your business?  Or is your lack of knowledge about how to grow your business or what to do NEXT keeping you stuck?

In this blog I share what was happening for me when I was being quite the opposite of Being Utterly Bloody Brilliant in my business.

In the early days of my business when my results where ZERO, I kept turning up at my computer with NO plan and NO clue how to make my business work.

At the time I had no office, I was just set up on my dining table – because lets face it, I wasn’t taking myself or my business seriously!

I use to just sit there spending time on social media – writing newsletters and keeping my fingers crossed something would work.

I felt such a failure and totally stuck!

I did invest in my business – a whole bunch of programmes that to be fair, I did diligently work through the content but I took very little CONSISTENT action.

The challenge I had, was I would get really inspired, start the work, see v little results straight away and then give up.

However the deeper challenge was I didn’t truly believe that I could make my business work.

I didn’t think I knew enough and I wasn’t good as X expert etc.,

I had a constant negative soundtrack running throughout my business.

Many time, I seriously WANTED to give it up.

However, somehow, deep down, I knew I was meant to do this. It didn’t matter how utterly overwhelmed and lost I felt, I never gave up.

I kept going.

I am sat here as I write wondering – what was the turning point?

What made the difference?

The difference between staying or ditching it all.

There is a whole bunch of people / training / support etc., that has and continues to make a difference.

However the BIGGEST difference was the 121 coaching I invest in and it always will be.

When I did eventually start to earn money and I invested it ALL into 121 coaching.

And it worked.


Part of my growth was from the coaching / the strategy / the opportunity to explore ideas and the accountability.

However the growth also came from my belief that I was worth investing in.

This was a massive turning point for me AND the start of the work I continue to do every day on my mindset.

Your success is your responsibility.

You can choose to keep up the struggle.

Or you can choose to let your business be utterly bloody brililant!

I am glad I choose to be utterly bloody brilliant.

Are You Ready To Be Utterly Bloody Brilliant?

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