5 Steps To Great Success - Rachel Smith

At this point every year, I complete a comprehensive review of the past 12 months.

This review gives me VITAL information that ensures my business continues to GROW in the next 12 months plus it gives me the opportunity to CELEBRATE my successes too.

I have just shared my entire review with my email list, if you would like to access to all of the key questions I use, please email me at rachel@rachelsmithlifecoach.com and I will happily pass my review onto you.

Here are the FIVE Key areas I focus on in my Annual Review of my business:

1. Celebrate Your Success

It’s human nature to focus on the problems and the challenges and forget about the successes we achieve.  This is because we are wired to solve problems.  However when we just focus on the problems we create a mindset of negativity which is deadly in business.

Create time and space to identify your successes – size does not matter.

2. Pinpoint What Isn’t Working Well

As well as identifying and celebrating your successes, in business you also need to understand what isn’t working well.  Know this and you can either change or stopping do those acitivites that are slowing down your success.

This will ensure you stop making the SAME mistakes all the time.

3. Know Your Numbers

Do you know how much you have earned in the past 12 months and do you know how much it costs to run your business?  If you don’t know this, it is going to be very difficult to understand if you are turning a profit.

Even if getting to know your numbers might make you feel uncomfortable – this could very well be a positive turning point for you and your business.  Know your numbers and you will understand where you need to focus on in the future to achieve your desired success.

4. Monitor Your Marketing

We all understand in order to stand out from the market place, you need to be marketing consistently to your ideal client.  However what does that ACTUALLY look like for you?  What marketing activites are you undertaking, how frequently AND what is the impact on your business results?

Explore your marketing activities and the results you have achieved in the past 12 months and you can figure out what is working well and where you have a gap.

5. Action Plan

Once you have completed any review, whether that is mine or someone elses, you need to identify just what you are going to do in the future.

Do more of what is working well and change what isn’t working well.

You don’t want to keep making the same mistakes – this will slow down your growth and crush your confidence.

Use the information you have about your business and it’s performance and grow your business in 2016.

Wishing you every success in 2016 and a Very Merry Christmas, love Rachel x