5 Places Where Money Is Trapped In Your Biz - Rachel Smith

First of all, well done for reading a blog post about money.   Money is a tricky subject for many of us. We often avoid talking and even thinking about money.  And when business owners do think about money, it is often thinking about the LACK of it.

So let me share some content about a subject I love supporting business owners with – Money  and how you can attract more into your business.

Know Your Money Story

Whether you realise it or not, you have a money story.  That is generally your earliest memories of money and it is often about how money was talked about in your house when you were growing up and how your family felt about money.

There are great money stories and there are not so great money stories.  If you have that feeling that actually your money story isn’t so great.  It is probably time to lift the lid on your earliest impression of money and start to discover your money story.

And when you understand it, consider how is it impacting on the success of your business?  Is it a positive or negative impact?

I can guarantee you, if you have a negative money story, this will also be having a negative impact on your business success.

Untangle this and start to complete the work you need to do, to overcome this story.

Your Money Mindset

If you are always fretting about money coming into your business, it is likely that money will struggle to turn up in your business.

Having a worrying mind will stop money from coming into your business.  Sounds a bit wako?

Here’s a true story – when I first started running a networking group here in York, where I live.

For the first 12 months of running this group, I stressed every month about selling enough tickets.  My very patient coach kept reminding me to let go of the expectation of selling and when it finally sunk in and I let go of the need to sell tickets and focused on delivering really brilliant content instead, the events started selling out.

Change your money mindset. Start to be grateful for everything that ‘does’ turn up, focus on what you already have.  And money will flow.


If you owe money, or people owe you money, this will also stop money from flowing to your business.  If you owe money, there is a lot of worry and guilt linked to debt.  Start to have conversations with the people you owe money too.  They might have forgotten it or never expected it to be paid back or you can agree a way for this debt to be cleared.

If someone owes you money, again speak to that person and arrange for the money to be repaid or accept that this money is not coming to you.

Notice how good it feels to know you are doing something to change your debt situation, even if it’s a long term plan.

Your Prices

What do your prices say about you?  Are you as cheap as Iceland or as expansive as Waitrose?  Are your ideal clients looking for an Iceland or a Waitrose – perhaps something in between?  Make sure your prices reflect who you are, who you want to work with and the quality of your work.

If you want to sell low cost products and services, fabulous.  Make sure you have a marketing plan that supports this.  If you actually want to sell high end, your ideal client will expect to pay high end.

Check your prices. This is a key place to find money trapped in your business, so don’t be afraid of increasing your prices.

Make Offers

How often are you making offers to work with your ideal clients?  Monthly? Quarterly? If you are not receiving the work you want to, review how many times you are actually telling your ideal client about your brilliant opportunities.

Yes, you can use social media to talk about your amazing talents – however you can also use social media to let your audience know how they can come and work with you.

Don’t forget about your email list either – write to your list frequently and make offers.  These potential clients expect to be contacted.  Having them on your email list is not for your vanity so you feel loved.  Use your list and make offers.  Create space in your calendar to invite clients in to connect with