The Fearless Female Entrepreneur Mastermind - Rachel Smith

Are you ready to become fearless in your business?

To call in your soul mate clients gracefully, creating amazing offers they buy time and time again?

To create a business and a life that fills you up with daily gratitude for what you have allowed in?

To be supported to take the fearless action that will see you build and grow your successful business?

If you are reading this, you are almost ready.

Perhaps you are waiting for the perfect time.

For everything and everyone to be in the right place.

To have already created the money in your business to REINVEST into your business and your growth.

To find the perfect coach, bootcamp, programme or training.

I understand this, because I have done all of these things too.

Waited for the money, for the perfect time and the perfect coach.

However, what I have learnt that none of these things actually exist.

The only thing that truly exists is your DESIRE to have the business of your dreams and the life of your dreams.

And your DESIRE to satisfy your internal voice that you could create a more successful business than you have, one that doesn’t zap all your time and energy and one where you can make money that will make a significant difference to your life and to make a positive impact to your soul mate client.

And if your DESIRE won’t be quiet, if it gives telling you to keep going and to figure out how to achieve the business and the life you truly desire, you are ready to become a Fearless Female Entrepreneur.

Who is a Fearless Female Entrepreneur?

YOU are if:

you love your business, and you feel that you are ready for more - clients, success, money, opportunities.

you are all IN to achieve your dreams and to step into your REAL REALITY.

are fed up of being side tracked with fear, overwhelm and worry.

you understand the power of coming together collectively in an intimate group of likeminded women who have completely GOT YOUR BACK.

you want access to accountability, support, coaching, bespoke training, live feedback on your content, sales pages, website, launch plans, LIVE events, collaboration and joint working.

you understand you can’t and you don’t want to grow your business on your own.

Yes, yes, yes???

You are ready!

Introducing my BRAND NEW Mastermind for women who want to become FEARLESS and claim their TRUE life!

Soft launch > My previous Mastermind client’s are CHOMPING to get started again. SO if you are super FAST, I am opening the doors to this Mastermind on Monday 25th September. 2 weeks early!

Doors officially open > Monday 9th October 2017

This Mastermind is your dedicated space, team and support crew for the next 6 months where we will be supporting you to create EPIC results in your business (and therefore your life)

We meet WEEKLY - our weekly calls end when we are all done, so you will be seen and heard every week

This is essential for helping you to bring focus, clarity and to take daily action that will take you out of your current GROOVE and move you into the next one and the next one….

We have a PRIVATE Facebook Group, this private space is where you are supported 100% by myself and the other members of the Mastermind.

Members of the Mastermind are carefully considered – it is a delicate balance of having the most supportive and nurturing group of women and equally having women who are all at different points in their business, who will inspire and motivate you.

We get FACE TO FACE every 2 months!

This is my GIFT to you. You are invited to attend my bi-monthly live events in York (UK), you can come to all of these during NOVEMBER, JANUARY AND MARCH or come to the ones you can make.

(Please note the MARCH event is a two day event, the only cost to yourself apart from your travel expenses, will be our evening meal).

You FULL access to my experience and expertise.

I will personally create you trainings to help you grow your business. And I will personally review your sales pages, your website, your email marketing campaigns – whatever you want.

This is bespoke to your requirements!

Collaboration opportunities!

This is a intimate group of women coming together for 6 months, these women will become your new friends and there will be many collaboration opportunities with them and myself.

Accountability Days

Every month, you will have the opportunity to work on that BIG project that you KEEP putting off. Together we will ensure you move forward whatever the challenge.


Join by the 25th September and receive the first 2 weeks for free!

Bi Monthly events including a two day event in March 2018.

Pay monthly (no additional payment for this)

A PRIVATE Strategy and Planning Session with me during October/November (90 minutes)

PLUS Welcome Week

The doors officially open on Monday 9 October and during this week, I am running 4 Masterclasses just for you.

The purpose of the Masterclasses is to ensure you are truly WIDE OPEN to call in the success you desire!

Here is what I am giving you a Masterclass in:

*How to ensure you are fully OPEN to receiving

*Create, connect and realign yourself to your deepest desires, your purpose and your vision

*Mastering Your Money

*Creating Your Consistency Plan

Your investment in your future business and your life is £1800 which is broken down into monthly payments of £300 for 6 months.

Now I understand that you might have TWO BIG challenges with this offer so let’s deal with that straight away!

❗️PRICE – always price. For the value and duration that I will be personally supporting you this price offers you tons and tons of value.

To work with me any other way will cost you £££ – however if this is calling to you more, please PM me and lets have a conversation.

I want you to think about what you need to SELL every month to generate your £300. Sometimes we need to hold our feet to the flame to motivate us to take action.

❗️DURATION – why 6 months? It can’t be any shorter. It takes time for results to come through when you are consistently focusing and taking action indoor business. Once the results come through, again we need more time to keep turning the handle and receiving the results. After this period of time, you will truly know what works and what doesn’t work in your business.

And 6 months will FLY BY!!

So are you ready for generating EPIC results in your business whilst being fully supported to help you overcome challenges, fears and your procrastination! And to build momentum and growth in your business?

Come and join me in my brand new Mastermind!

See you there, love Rachel x