The 5K Club - Rachel Smith
Building Your Business to 5K And Beyond!
Are you ready to attract a consistent flow of your soul mate clients?
Are you looking to turn your 1K months into 5K months?
Are you short on time, but BIG on ambition?

I have just the thing for you!

My brand new opportunity, is for female business owners who are just like you, who want to turn their tiny profit into a sustainable and exciting business.


This is THE place to be in 2018 for you to turn your dreams of generating consistent months of 5K into your REALITY. 

I am going to break down exactly where to focus your limited time so you can call in, easily and gracefully your 5K months. 

I am also going to support you to become FEARLESS in your dreams and your ability to making it happen. 

I am also going to show you just how to LEVERAGE your business so you create true freedom and flexibility in your 

Sound Good?

Read on….

Each month you will receive a BRAND new BUNDLE where I will show you how to:

Programme yourself for success
Create a business model that allows you to LEVERAGE your time, your expertise and your sales
Create OMG Offers for your soul mate clients that fly out of the door
Be consistent with your actions
Build amazing relationships with your audience so selling feels graceful
Launch like a pro and how to…..
Sell gracefully

PLUS so much more….

Each of these BUNDLES are quick and easy to follow and action.

They will make a positive impact on your business.

Once you start to implement these you will very quickly start to generate EPIC results in your business.

PLUS each of these BUNDLES are exactly what you need to do to generate 5K consistently in your business – so NO RANDOM bundles to get you distracted and take you off course!

What Else?

Oh yes, I understand as a busy working female business owner, it is super easy to start all of these training opportunities with a ton of enthusiasm and HOPE to discover three months down the track you have fallen off the TAKING ON THE WORLD wagon and instead you have reverted to doing all of your old actions instead.

So, I have built in MONTHLY challenges that are only available to the members of the CLUB.

Each month, I will create a specific challenge around the latest bundle to ensure you are maximising this opportunity in your business.

Giving you LASER focus on your business (because that’s what you need!)


Every month we get together and map out YOUR KEY actions for the month coming so you know exactly what you need to do to generate your DESIRED RESULTS.


My webinars, challenges and key trainings are all uploaded into your PRIVATE TRAINING PORTAL .

My business has transformed so much since working with Rachel. In just 6 weeks I’ve called in over 30! YES 30 brand new soul mate clients earning 2k in just one month from my membership site alone! (and growing as we speak) I now have the confidence to step into my genius and own my business, be the expert I’ve always dreamt of being. I truly can’t thank Rachel enough for the changes she’s given me, and I really can’t ever imagine her not being the little good voice on my shoulder every single day. Everyone needs a Rachel in their business! Kelly Cairns

Founder, The Tech Angel


I am going to be available in our PRIVATE Facebook Community which is ONLY available to members of the club.

I am not going to sell this to you and bugger off.

You will have my eyes and ears on your business.

There will also be a ton of other bonuses such as access to interviews with other business experts, discounts to my LIVE events in the UK, JV opportunities etc.,

There was a little debate between the husband and I about whether I would be signing up for the most recent Mastermind with Rachel but in the end it was a no-brainer – I quite simply make far more money when I work with Rachel than when I don’t. Why? She keeps me on track, I love her description of a “loving kick up the butt”, when I’m stuck with something she helps me find my own solution and when something doesn’t work out (and everything does not work out!) she picks me up, dusts me off and encourages me to move on to the next thing. The fabulous thing about working in a Masterminding group is that you get to work with a group of women, all doing different things but all with the same mindset. We are each other’s cheerleaders and I wouldn’t be where I am without them.”ugh for the changes she’s given me, and I really can’t ever imagine her not being the little good voice on my shoulder every single day. Everyone needs a Rachel in their business! Alison Goodwin

Yoga Teacher & Women’s Mentor, Centred Yoga

What I Would Love To Ask You, Is This:

Would you LOVE to be generating a consistent 5K in your business, doing what you LOVE? And in a way where you have LEVERAGED your time so you have more FREEDOM? In 2018?

What Do I Know?

I understand how frustrating it feels to be working SO hard in your business for very little financial reward.

I understand how disheartening it is to see other people generate the kind of success you DESIRE.

I also understand that until you work on a number of key principles consistently in your business, it is going to take a LONG time for you to generate the success you want.

Thankfully, I also understand how to generate a consistent flow of 5K weeks and months too!


And finally, I also understand the positive impact on not only your life but on the lives of your clients and your loved ones when you are showing up in your business as the best version of yourself generating sales and momentum.

How This Works:

Each month you receive a brand new bundle that specifically shares the strategies to help you BUILD your thriving profitable business.

Each bundle will be a series of RELEVANT content and you will have a beautiful handout too.

Access to our PRIVATE Facebook Community.

You also have access to a monthly challenge specifically about that month’s content.

And you will have access to myself, as I will be hanging out in the Group helping and supporting you everyday.

I will also kick your butt from time to time too!

Your Investment – You Choose!

Option 1

£399 for 6 months FULL access and support


 BONUS ****

You will receive a 60 minute PRIVATE STRATEGY SESSION with me where we nail your growth strategy

Option 2

Pay 6 monthly payments of £75 per month (once you make the first payment you are responsible for making all the remaining payments)

Who This Is For:


You if you are ALL IN to make your business brilliant in 2018. 

You if you are ready to SHOW UP and complete the work 

You if you are currently earning 1K, 2K a month (or less) but you KNOW deep inside you that you are meant for more. 

You if you would love to invest in a business coach but currently investing thousands in 121 support is a BIG LEAP for you right now. 

You, if you have tons of passion of your business but get distracted with life and you would love to be held more closely accountable to building a business that not only are you proud of, that works, you love and it makes positive impact on yours and others lives. 

What This Is Not 

A cashcow for me – one of my BIG missions with my business has always been about supporting women to be successful and I have another of ways I deliver this. 

Complicated to implement – I love keeping it simple, I haven’t got time to give you complicated strategies. I am sharing BS free, simple actionable steps that you can use. 

Another programme – this is a LIVE training and coaching portal. One of my biggest DESIRES in business is to ENGAGE with my audience and to use coaching to help you to overcome the challenges and fears that crop up. 

Content where you have become an EXPERT in everything. I am not an expert in everything, especially the tech stuff, so I either don’t use it or I pay another expert to do it for me!

 Somewhere you will get lost – this is my first launch of The 5K Club, over 2018 I will open and close the CART at different times of the year. You will be seen and heard.

 Only for you if you have a really massive list – ha to that idea! I had my first 5K month when I had a TINY list! 

Join Me Now!

The doors to the 5k Club are open for the first time since January. On joining you will receive immediate access to ALL of the training bundles and hands on support for you and your business.

Why Work With Me? 

Because I care! I really do. You will not be in another face less group. 

I am looking to attract women who really want to create 5k months and beyond in their business. I want women who will do the work because I am personally ALL IN to support you when you show up. 

You will be surrounding yourself with likeminded women who have similar desires to yourself. This is going to be a POWERHOUSE of energy, encouragement, inspiration and growth!

 You will no longer be working alone in your business.

 PLUS, I am the QUEEN of over delivering and I am also the QUEEN of helping my clients achieve 5K months and beyond in their business.

 I will truly look after you and your business whilst you are a member of The 5K Club. 

And, I understand and use the most powerful strategies that will help you to grow a successful business you love, including how to programme yourself for success and how to cultivate a healthy relationship with money so you have no problem to calling more to you.

 I understand about how to LEVERAGE everything you do in your business so you CREATE true freedom and flexibility.

 If you are in, then I am 100% in too!

 Rachel Smith



Yes, I Am ALL In To Achieve My 5K Business!!!

Here Are Some Of The Members Whopping Achievements From January to March 2018:

Amy Purdie

Has generated her first £3K month!
She is approaching her business differently because of The 5K Club.

Sharon Woodcock

Has recently attracted in 20 new clients in her Storytelling Programme. 

Alannah Moore

Is falling in love with webinars, Alannah is currently running weekly webinars for the first time and is LOVING the engagement with her audience. Her visibility is through the roof!

Julia Seymour

Is launching her brand new online course. 

Susan Telford

Is happily enrolling her 121 clients gracefully and is close to achieving her FIRST 5K Month. 

Kelly Cairns

Created, launched and started selling her brand new course within 24 hours of conception and Kelly has achieved her BEST launch so far! 

Jan Taylor

Jan is smashing her launch and has 9 brand new clients.

Dee Barker

Has ramped up her visibility on her Facebook Page and has run a brand new challenge for her audience.

Jo Ebisujima

Is launching her fabulous programme – Clear The Clutter


Are you ready to generate your own EPIC results in your business?


Your Investment – You Choose!

Option 1

£399 for 6 months FULL access and support


You will receive a 60 minute PRIVATE STRATEGY SESSION with me where we nail your growth strategy

Option 2

Pay 6 monthly payments of £75 per month (once you make the first payment you are responsible for making all the remaining payments)