What's It Really Like Working With A Business Coach? - Rachel Smith

oday, I was privileged to support the launch of my amazing client brand new Forest School.

Here’s Emma’s story about how she went from Full Time Mum to Business Owner:

Emma, please tell us a little bit about who you are and how you became to be a business owner? 

Hi I am Emma Hill, mum of two small boys and my husband works away in London during the week, so my challenge was to find work that will fit into school drop offs, school holidays and at the same time utilise my skills.

My skills are predominantly linked to working with children and families; primary school teacher, developer of teaching resources, trainer, and children centre manager.

After knowing Rachel Smith for some time I was aware of the work she does and was inspired to

think creatively to develop something of my own, something that would stimulate me, utilise my

skills and experience and fit around my family life.

What is your business and how can people find out more about you?

I have set up a family forest school called Wild Things. I launch in September 2015 and will run

parent toddler groups in local parks in York.

Wild Things is passionate about getting children and parents outdoors to explore, develop their

imagination, and be creative.

Web: www.wildthingsyork.co.uk 

FB: www.facebook.com/Wildthingsgroup 

Why did you choose to work with a business coach?

I’ve decided to work with Rachel Smith, the business coach as I’ve seen the impact she has on

businesses and more importantly on the people behind the business. Rachel has a great skill of

challenging you, getting the best from you but also understanding your personal limits and she

pitches her input and support at the right level for you.

I have had support from Rachel through the money mastermind challenge, and as a new

business this was a great starting point. It helped me understand my relationship with money,

how to overcome historic habits and to value myself more, in terms of charging for my service,

my time and expertise.

I am currently part of Rachel’s Business Growers group and this gives me on-going support from

Rachel and the other members in the group. I have found this so helpful, whilst sat at home on

my own battling my way through tricky website building questions,  sourcing creative people to

develop my logo and branding,  the group has been able to help with signposting, sharing their

experience etc.  Rachel is quick to respond to your queries and draws other members from the

group to share their experience.

I have also had a 1:1 session with Rachel, and I found this the most useful and powerful. We

dedicated 3 hours to breaking down the enormous task of setting up a new business! I left with a

clear plan, with manageable tasks and a great sense of self belief. Without support like this I

honestly know I wouldn’t have continued with this journey.

What was the experience like?

Her support is invaluable. I have gone from having an idea, to having a concept, brand, social

media outlets, and a launch date!  Without Rachel’s support I’d still just have an idea.

How important was that for you and your business?

Rachel’s support has been essential in helping me turn my idea into a product I can sell.  Without her support I wouldn’t have had the confidence to move forward. I would have felt overwhelmed by the enormity of setting up your own business and self doubt would have crept in. So, without her support I can truly say I would not be launching Wild Things in September 2015!

What would be the biggest takeaway you have learnt from working with a business coach?

The biggest takeaway I’ve had from working with Rachel is the confidence she has given me to grow and develop my idea and to help turn it from an idea to a service I can sell. I also think the on-going support I’ve received from her – I’ve shared my highs with her, and my lows. During a low, Rachel listens and then offers the right level of support to get you back on track.

Did you have to invest heavily to receive this level of support?

No, I didn’t need to invest heavily. The monthly Business Growers group is an affordable monthly cost and this gives you the on-going support much needed when running a business, especially on your own. The VIP session was a bigger investment but I took so much away with me, and my progress accelerated after this session as I had a clear, manageable plan.

How much has is saved you, working with a business coach?

It’s hard to measure how much time I’ve saved working with Rachel but I know now I’m very focused on what I need to achieve.  I’m spending less time procrastinating, unnecessary researching (when there is a wealth of support in the Business Growers online group) and having that self-doubt which can immobilise you!

What would you say to other people who are thinking about launch their brand new business?

I have already recommended Rachel to numerous other people who are setting up in business! I advise people who need some business coaching to book in for a free call to talk to Rachel directly and to explore the ways she can support you.

 Rachel is genuinely interested in supporting people in business, you won’t look back.