June 2018 Live Event - Rachel Smith


The LIVE Event That Will Radically Change Your Business

Thursday 28th June at Hotel du Vin, York

I love love love supporting women on growing their positive mindset – not only does this allow you to create EPIC results in your business, it also gives you the FREEDOM to think, do and have WHATEVER your heart DESIRES!!!

This is not your normal marketing BS.

This is a game CHANGER!

Remember the saying “80% of Success Is Mindset?”  Well it’s true.

Let me share a quick story with you – back in 2016, when I was struggling to generate profit in my business, I simply made a decision to BECOME unapologetically successful.

I flicked the switch.

I committed to a simple daily mindset practice and EVERYTHING changed in my business and therefore my life.

I talk about this result all the time, I FLICKED the switch.

I turned myself from a struggling business coach to running a highly successful AWESOME business that I love.

I tripled my income in 2016 and worked with more amazing clients than EVER before.

And now I have created a very special day, where for the first time I am bringing all of this work together and sharing it with a LIVE audience of awesome women.

This LIVE event is for you if:


You are ALL IN to grow your profitable business, even though it feels like you are pushing through treacle right now


You are like I was back in 2016, fed up of working really hard for not very much £££, and you want to FLICK THE SWITCH and work with more clients, earning more money


You understand that it is your fear and your negative mind monkeys that are holding you back and you need to complete this work now before too much more of 2018 disappears


You are ready to take ownership of your reality, you are done with the excuses and the BS, you want a brilliant business and you are ready to take action NOW


Step into the business woman you truly are


Get started immediately


My last Live event before the summer holidays is this special day in York.

We are meeting at the beautiful Hotel Du Vin, in York on Thursday 28 June 2018.

During this day, I will support you to understand what is currently holding you back and how to create the FREQUENCY and mindset that you need to create more MAGIC in your business.

PLUS this is a great opportunity to be connected with other awesome women who truly understand what it means to run your own business.

And there are a TON of amazing bonuses too, more soon.

What I Am Covering on Thursday 28 June:

Tapping Into Your Deepest Desires

This element of the day is all about creating the FIRE within you that will help you to actually take the LEAP of faith you need in order to achieve your desired results.

How To Overcome The Negativity, The Fear and The Challenges

Our amazing businesses give us a roller coast ride of different emotions.  Much of what you desire to call in, is on the other side of fear and doubt.

On our day together, I will be sharing with you how you can OVERCOME your obstacles everyday. We will also be exploring where you need to release and let go of the experiences that are currently holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams.

Action Planning

And no day with me will be complete until you have actually mapped out what happens next for you.

I will support you to understand how, after all of the powerful work you have started at this live event, to maintain the frequency and take action from that place when you are back in your business.

We might even get you into action taking on the day!

What The Day Looks Like

We start with tea and coffee from 9.30am to 10am in the beautiful Ouse Room where you will be spending the day.

Lunch will be at mid day (special dietary requirements can be catered for)

Coaching Hot Seat

Q&A Session about ANYTHING business related!

Wrap up at 4:30pm

Drinks in the bar from 4:30pm onwards


For the entire day, food, teas and coffee and workbook is £149.00 (your drinks in the bar afterwards are NOT included 🙂 )

Pay in full at £149

Pay in 2 monthly instalments of £78 per month

5K Club member? Receive 50% discount at £74.50


I have 17 spaces – 4 spaces have already been booked.

Therefore I have space for another 13 amazing women who would LOVE to be at this event.

Book yours today to secure your place




A Private Facebook Group open now and 10 days after the event - this allows you to meet the other delegates and to continue to receive help and support after the event (i.e. take your actions forward).

A mindset playlist of all of the exercises I use on the day (this will be released AFTER the event).

Personalised and uplifting Spotify playlist for getting you back in the GAME!!!


Are You Ready?

I can already FEEL how powerful this day is going to be for the women who choose to be part of this awesome day.

Are you ready to come and be part of this fabulous experience?

If you have any questions please PM me via Facebook or you can email me at rachel@rachelsmithlifecoach.com

Travelling To The Venue

York is very easy to get to via road and train – the venue is a short walk or taxi ride from the rail station.

And the venue has lots of parking in the hotel and around the hotel.

Need an overnighter?

There are lots of amazing Airbnb options and hotels here in this glorious city.

What my clients say

You are blooming awesome Mrs and you reminded me how awesome I am too! I must admit I dithered before I hit the send button when booking you for 1-1 coaching. It was a “Should I, Shouldn’t I moment” But I know I absolutely did the right thing. It was worth every single penny.

Jan Taylor

If anyone is still wondering whether or not to work with Rachel, all I can say is that it is the best decision I have ever made for my business. Rachel is always incredibly supportive, and works with you and your business to create a workable model to suit your buisiness. There are no rules – just whatever works for you. You will have fun, get creative and really grow your business. I couldn’t recommend Rachel highly enough Annabel Roberts



Rachel Smith is a business coach whose secret powers include helping women love their money, to create an unstoppable mind-set and to become fearless in their business and therefore their lives!!!

Rachel understands there is NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL that can give you the business success you are seeking.


Your business thrives when you take the essential daily actions allowing you to attract in all of the clients, money and therefore live the life you are truly meant to be living!


Rachel also understands that running your business can feel lonely and frustrating and women all around the world need to be connected with likeminded people who completely understand this crazy entrepreneurial world we live in today.


These events are for women like you, who are ready to attract more clients, more money and want to learn the art of being GRACEFUL and super successful in business and life!


For the entire day, food, teas and coffee and workbook is £149.00 (your drinks in the bar afterwards are NOT included 🙂 )

Pay in full at £149

Pay in 2 monthly instalments of £78 per month

5K Club member? Receive 50% discount at £74.50