Your signature attraction plan for 2017 - Rachel Smith

Make 2016 Your Best Year in Business Yet!

Have you declared that 2017 is the year your business creates a PROFIT but you can’t move past whats happened in 2016?

Do you have all the energy and determination but no PLAN to make 2017 the year that you consistently attract paying clients to you?

Are you excited about 2017 and you want to hit the ground RUNNING in January and February but wondering how you are going to make it all happen?

Are you SO busy supporting everyone, you are in danger of forgetting about your own plans for growth?


Brilliant, I am glad you are reading this because I want to help you make 2017 your best year yet!

Let me share a secret with you – I have previously got to January and HAD NO IDEA how I was actually going to attract my clients to me.

I have been bowled over by other people’s AMAZING launches and promotions and just felt small and stuck with my lack of clarity, planning and ACTION.

However, after starting a few new years like that, I NOW actively PLAN for my success for the next 12 months.

I understand that actually 12 months isn’t that long and I know how to maximise this time to reach MORE of my amazing clients and to grow my amazing business.

I have also STOPPED working silly hours just to make money.

Are you ready to work with me to:

Receive complete CLARITY about how to grow your business, grow your client list, ramp up your visibility and your profits?

Map out your future products and services!

Create your next Fabulous Freebie and grow your list of future clients.

Plan out your visibility for 2017 and start to show up as the business owner you truly are

Map out your very next launch

Start selling straight away in 2017

Complete all of the key money work, forecasting and planning and pricing

Understand JUST how to overcome your challenges, fears and beliefs so you start to build your confidence and actual ability to attract clients consistently to you, in a way that doesn’t mean you have to GIVE UP your life!

To be SUPPORTED whilst you implement your plans?

Fast forward to the end of March:

You have ALREADY grown your list and are creating fabulous content EVERYDAY that resonates with your audience.

You are SEEN and HEARD by your ideal clients > people understand what you do and how you can help them, selling becomes easy.

You have AUTOMATED your list building activities with a fabulous freebie that attracts new potential clients to you every day.

You have CREATED, LAUNCHED AND SOLD several products and services – you have totally nailed how to do this and repeat it all the time in your business.


In fact life is brilliant – you really understand your business and how to move it forward.

You no longer feel tired, worried or stressed – you are in flow and in full alignment with your business, your clients and your actions.

You are TRULY OPEN and you and your business are thriving!

Seriously I want this for you – I have actually shared EXACTLY what has happened in my business in 2016. So I know this is possible!!!!

Plus my wonderful clients this year, through working with me, have receive clarity about their offers, launched and started selling after months of struggling, they have also completely changed their business models and are now in alignment with their own business, and as a result are selling more, they have increased their prices, massively increased their visibility, their complete outlook on their business and life has been transformed.

I haven’t achieved my success this year on my own.

I have been supported by amazing coaches who have held me accountable, who have assisted me with my ideas and helped me to overcome my problems and challenges.

I have been part of an amazing Mastermind of truly inspirational and quite honestly some of the most talented women I have had the pleasure to work alongside.

I have invested in training programmes.

I have UPLEVELED my mind-set.

And I have done the WORK!!!!

If this is resonating with you – if you are ready to make 2017 your best year yet in business and you want my help to map and plan out Your Signature Client Attraction Plan For 2017, here is how I can help you.

(PLEASE NOTE, spaces are limited in December)

PLUS I have an amazing BONUS for you if you are one of the first 3 people to say YES!!! (see the bottom of the page!)

Work with me privately as we create Your Signature Client Attract Plan For 2017

In a private 3 Hour Strategy Session we will:

  • Create Your Profit Plan For 2017
  • Map Out Your Personal Visibility Strategy For 2017
  • Create Your Next Freebie
  • Map Out All Of Your Next Products & Services (90 days)
  • Map Out Your Next Launch
  • Create An Instant CASH Strategy


  • Graceful Hustle Day (1 day supporting you to gracefully hustle your biz!)

Your Investment to work with me privately is £697.00

However, I am making this available for £397.00 (limited time!)



Be one the first THREE to sign up to work with me on Your Signature Client Attract Plan For 2017 and I will give £100 OFF the next product or service you buy from me!

Who Will This Work For?

This is for you, if you definitely want to start 2017 with COMPLETE CLARITY about what happens next in your business.

And this is for you if you are OVER the struggle of wondering how to take your business forward on your own and you recognise the benefits of working with me to receive all of this clarity and support.

And this is definitely for you if you are ready to TAKE ACTION and achieve fabulous results in your life and business.

This is not for you, if you want to figure this out yourself.  And this isn’t for you, if you truly believe you can’t make your business work.

I am ready for 2017 – are you?

If you know you want to sign up NOW for this, do this here


If you are seriously interested in working with me but want to have a chat first, let’s do that FAST – make an appointment for a chat here 

Love Rachel x

p.s. I don’t want you to have another OK year – I want you to have an amazing and brilliant 2017!