The Profit Incubator Group Mastermind - Rachel Smith

6 Weeks To Create EPIC Change, Profit And Results In Your Business and Life!

Have you declared that 2017 will actually be your MOST successful year yet?

Are you ready to STOP playing it small and scared in your business?

Do you know that you are ALL IN to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals?

I made myself a similar promise this time last year in 2015. I had been working SO hard in my business throughout 2015. I was pushing, pushing, pushing, and I was getting some great results BUT it was a the detriment of my:

Health (I was piling the weight on from comfort eating when launches didn’t work out)

Relationships (I often felt resentment when I WASN’T working in my business, I was hardly present with my family)

Income (I was working with a coach that wasn’t a good fit for me)

Self-Belief (I didn’t really believe I could have the business I want)

Stress Levels (I was trying to make a complicated business model work, on my own, doing everything)

And then, a failed launch in January 2016 changed everything for me.

I could see a similar pattern was going to happen again and again, that I would spend another 12 months working 40-60 hours a week at the detriment of EVERYTHING else.

I recalled my earlier declaration that 2016 was going to be my year.

So I took a breather, I looked at my business, I worked with TWO amazing coaches in MARCH and then it happened.

I stepped into who I truly am and who I am truly capable of becoming.

I ditched my old business model – I ditched my priced and I lovingly let go of some of my clients.

I have massively grown my business, generating £3-5,000 each week easily, happily and gracefully.

I have worked and supported the most amazing women, who have generated fantastic results in their business.

In 2016 I have learnt to DANCE in my business – to show up with bad hair, no make-up, sweaty after a workout. I have learned to show up consistently and to LOVE my community.

I have learned to talk from the heart and serve my audience at the deepest level.

I have learned that there isn’t a formula to success.

The only way you can succeed is:

To create, grow and run a business on your own terms

Being in alignment with EVERYTHING – your clients, prices, products & service message

To learn to DANCE, to continue to move, to learn, to let go and to have fun!

To work on your mindset EVERY SINGLE DAY

To GIVE GIVE GIVE to your community, to your potential new clients and to your future business

To be supported every single step of the way through coaches that you resonate with and hold you higher

To build a team so you are not doing every single thing in your business


Mostly run and grow a business GRACEFULLY

in 2016, I have successfully run 2 Masterminds with my amazing clients who wanted to be:

Supported by me to grow their business

Held accountable so they are so focussed even when they are super busy that they keep on growing their business

Have access to coaching that will help them overcome their challenges and fears

To be part of an intimate group of likeminded women who KNOW What running a business on your own really feels like

A leader in their industry

Creating, Selling & Launching amazing offers that sell, gracefully

Generate more PROFIT from their business

Growing their community, email list and visibility

I LOVE running Masterminds. They are POWERFUL INCUBATORS where everyone has a similar desired outcome and a commitment to not only achieve this themselves, but to help and support the other members of the Mastermind too.

As a qualified coach, and from running my own successful business for the past 6 years, I understand the POWER of being supported. I also understand BIG PRICES put people off, keeping their business small.

To make great resources available I have created The Money Mastermind Group for female business owners who recognise there is a different way to do business and are ready to be supported to grow their amazing business.

‘Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much’

– Helen Keller

The Profit Incubator Group Mastermind

I am really excited to have created a resource for you if you are looking to:

Bring greater focus and fresh energy into your business

Grow your business, attracting more clients consistently and making more money

Start 2017 with a BANG, by focussing on your activities now you will be generating new sales and interest, and making money during our 8 weeks together and beyond

Change your mindset and grow your confidence so you start to take those steps you are resisting taking

Be supported by a business coach who really does understand what it feels like when you are ready to step up and stop playing small

Tap into business, marketing, mindset and money tools, strategies and tips that are right for you and help you achieve your results

Have a safe environment to learn and grow by likeminded people who really understand what it is like to run your own business

The Growth Incubator 6 Week Group Mastermind

Within The Growth Incubator, I will be helping and supporting YOU to make EPIC profit in your business. You will be supported throughout the 8 weeks within our PRIVATE Facebook Group through:

Weekly Group Mastermind Calls – this 60-90 Minute call is your opportunity to have access to me to get all of your BIG questions and challenges answered.  This call will conclude once everyone who needs to be supported has had their questions responded to.n

Live Stream Training – I will create bespoke Live stream training to respond to your questions when it falls outside of the weekly call.

High Frequency – I am calling in women who are ready to drop all of their fears / past hurts and BS and who will do the work and take the action that will generate EPIC growth and profit in their business.  This is a high frequency group – this is going to get you motivated and moving forward, even when you thought you were going to sit down and give up for a bit.

Mind-set Work – I will be sharing with you and creating the space for you to start your own mind-set work.

Accountability – I will lovingly hold you accountable for taking forward your action.  No more procrastination – no more fear – just lots of fabulous action that makes you feel brilliant and helps you to grow your business.

I am all IN to support the group of women who decide that this is their opportunity to build a super successful business in 2017.  I am going to showing up for 8 weeks to help and support you to grow your EPIC profit.

I have massively up levelled in my life and business in 2016 and I am going AGAIN in 2017. If you want to be part of the journey, to understand how I have transformed my business and to have a safe space for you to come and try it out for yourself, The Growth Incubator I would LOVE to work with you.


We start on Friday 27 January 2017 with a Group Mapping Session For our time together.  You will be mapping out EXACTLY what you are stepping into during our 8 weeks together (and beyond!)


2 x Hustle Day > In Week 4 and Week 6 we will come together collectively to implement your HUSTLE so you can generating fabulous results in your business.


Every week you can WIN a complimentary 121 coaching call with me!

I want you to MAKE progress every single week therefore I am incentivising YOU to make progress during your time in the PROFIT INCUBATOR.

The people WHO show up consistently and take action will receive a complimentary coaching call with me worth (£200).

All you have to do is take action.

How To Access The Profit Incubator

Your full investment for 6 weeks for support, accountability, resources, coaching is £250.00.


Calling To You?

I am looking to attract business owners who are ready to take action, who know they want to bring focus, clarity and energy into their business.

I also want people in the Mastermind where this programme is a great fit for you, so if you have any questions or if you want to book in a 15 minute chat about whether this is the right resource for you contact me at

Who Is The Business Grower?

I am Rachel Smith, busy parent and business owner.  I have been running my own business for several years and in late 2013, I created The Business Grower as I was fed up of meeting business owners who were struggling to make their business work.  At the time, the business support available was often based in other countries and cost so much it seemed inaccessible to many.

I support my clients to understand just how they can make money from their business – it can often be about getting clear about who they are looking to attract into the business, how to do that and how you can start to ask for and receive money from your business.

And I also support my clients about creating a healthy relationship with money – clearing away any money blocks that can be stopping them from growing their amazing business.

You can find out more about me and more great resources over on my website and on my Facebook Page, Rachel Smith – The Business Grower.