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It’s time to GENERATE epic results in your business and therefore your LIFE!

Are you ready to SMASH 2018?

Are you excited at having a whole new 12 months to grow and expand your business?

Are you ready to attract more clients, more money and to step into a NEW VERSION of your life?


Are you really rubbish at KEEPING ON TRACK?

Do you however find yourself WINGING IT, keeping your fingers crossed that your actions will work?

Did 2017 not turn out to be your year?

I have the PERFECT opportunity if you are ready for MORE GROWTH and MORE CLARITY about what you are bringing to the market place in 2018 and if you are ready to have EXCITING plans that will help you bring your dreams to fruition.

On Thursday 30th November, I am hosting a VIRTUAL Mastermind day – all you need to join, is access to the internet so you can stay as snug and comfortable in your own space whilst we create exciting plans for your Perfectly Planned & Profitable 2018.

What we will be covering:

A Complete Review Of Your 2017 – PRE COURSE WORK

You will be taking an honest review of your business year to date. This will give you a complete overview of what is working well in your business and what isn’t.

By the end of this session, you will understand what you are keeping in your business going forward and also what you need to LET GO of in order to truly step into your desired success in 2018.

Your Vision For 2018

You will get crystal clear about your DEEPEST DESIRES for your life and business in the next 12 months.

This will give you enormous clarity and focus for the coming months and will ensure you KEEP ON TRACK throughout 2018.

Your Success Model

This is one of the most important aspects to your business – cracking this will give you a flow of money and clients through your door in 2018.

Your OMG Offers For 2018

Here you will be mapping out all your ideas for offers in light of everything else you have already learnt about yourself and your business during the first half of the day.

Your Consistency Plan

So you have your vision, you have the fire in your belly to call of the clients, money and opportunities to you, but how do you make it ACTUALLY happen?

This is what happens here – you will create your very own consistency plan that clearly outlines how you will consistently showing up in your business, how you will build relationships and promote and sell your wonderful products and services.

Getting Started With Your Financial Forecast

I will be sharing the power of using a financial forecast and how to become a money ninja so you always know what money is coming into your business and where you need to focus during the next 12 months.

Your BESPOKE Plan for January to March 2018

And finally at the end of the day, I will help you to create your very own plan for the next 3 months of 2018.

Nail this and you can review it and reuse it every three months in your business.

Business doesn’t need to be hard or complex.

Figure out once what works well and keep making tweaks so you can just keep rinsing and repeating your strategies and actions.

How A Virtual Mastermind Day Happens

This is a POWERFUL event, there is some pre work to be completed before we get started on the 30th November. This will be sent to you beforehand.

We start our virtual Mastermind Day together at 9.15am.

I will be delivering content to you in 30-40 minute sessions. Giving you time in between the sessions to complete the essential work on your business.

There will be time to answer your questions and for you to engage with me and the other women who are also attending this virtual event.

You will be given access to fabulous handouts that are going to help you go even further AND you will be able to print them out and pin them up after the Mastermind Day to keep you on track.

There is a FREE Facebook Group for a limited period of time so you can complete the PREWORK – I will be delivering the content in the group which will remain in the group so you can catch up.

We will aim to finish the day at 5.30pm.

All of the sessions will be recorded and remain in the group for you to catch up and/or view.


Get started straight away – as SOON as you join, you also receive access to a private Facebook Group where we are already active!

I will be holding a CATCH UP day for you on Tuesday 12th December 2017 To achieve your PERFECTLY PLANNED AND PROFITABLE 2018

Your Investment is £75.00

(or 37.50 2 x payments)
By the end of our time together you will have:
Completely reviewed your past 12 months
Complete clarity about your VISION for 2018 and be SO excited to get started
Your Success Model, no more roller coaster riding for you!
Details of Your OMG Offers for 2018
Your Consistency Plan
Your Financial Forecast
Your Bespoke Detailed Plan for the first three months of 2018

This Mastermind Day is different from all the other information based programmes and bootcamps. This is a done with you solution. You will have my eyes and ears on your business.

I am here to support you to map out your Perfectly Planned and Profitable Year so you can generate EPIC results.

All of this is going to give you a TON of clarity about exactly where to focus your energy – the plans that come out of this powerful day will ensure you don’t get DISTRACTED with the next shiny object and you stay on your TRACK! And most of all, you are taking time out of your busy crazy life to work on your business and be supported by other amazing women to DREAM as big as you dare.

Join me on Thursday 30th November and lets start generating EPIC results in your business and therefore your LIFE.

To achieve your PERFECTLY PLANNED AND PROFITABLE 2018 your Investment is £75.00

or £37.50 2 x payments

Rachel Smith

Who Is The Business Grower?

Rachel Smith is a business coach whose secret powers include helping women love their money, to create an unstoppable mind-set and to become fearless in their business and therefore their lives!!!

Rachel understands there is NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL that can give you the business success you are seeking.

Your business thrives when you take the essential daily actions allowing you to attract in all of the clients, money and therefore live the life you are truly meant to be living!

Rachel also understands that running your business can feel lonely and frustrating and women all around the world need to be connected with likeminded people who completely understand this crazy entrepreneurial world we live in today.

Following a break from running live events, Rachel is returning to running face to face events for women who understand that they too want and need to be connected with REAL people.

These events are for women like you, who are ready to attract more clients, more money and a ton more JOY in business and life.

Remember, it’s time to screw the rules and grow an awesome business instead!