Rachel Smith, The Business Grower Presents:
Plan Your Consistent £5k Months

Tuesday 30th January

1.30pm GMT (UK)
Are you ready for consistent £5k months?

The biggest challenge for many of the women I work with is to maintain £5k months ... consistently! 

More than that, do it without the hustle! 

Guess what, it doesn't have to be hard. Consistently generating £5k months without the hustle IS easier than you think. Join me for my free training to show you how to create this for your business. 

Rachel Smith

Business Coach for female business owners who want to create consistent £5K/$5K months WITHOUT the hustle.
Rachel works with passionate women in business to fast track their results.
I Will Be Sharing:
  • The fastest way for you to step into £5k months
  • The key to consistency ... £5k months EVERY month! 
  • Creating the business that supports your desires
  • How to say goodbye to hustle and grow your business without working 18 hour days! 

Everything I will share with you in this masterclass is what I have done to create consistent £5k months AND what I share with clients to create this as their reality too.
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