April 2018 Live Event - Rachel Smith


Thursday 19 April at Hotel du Vin, York

I am so excited to be running this LIVE event for you if you are ready to figure out:

Your next OMG offer your audience wants and buys


To learn how to TURN ON your ability to become a CONTENT QUEEN.

These two essential elements go hand in hand when you are looking to grow your business gracefully and rapidly.

During this powerful day you will be tuning into what amazing OMG offer you want to create next and map out all of the CONTENT that will help you sell this easily and gracefully.

Nail this, and you will be able to apply this over and over again in your business so it just becomes YOUR NORMAL to create, launch and sell.

You will also be working alongside other amazing women who will inspire and motivate you long after the event has ended.

Plus I will be helping you to:


Stand out from the crowd and get seen and heard by your soul mate client


Create content that speaks to the HEART of your audience


Use your content to increase your sales


Create OMG offers that sell FAST


Step into the business woman you truly are


Get started immediately

This LIVE EVENT is taking place on Thursday 19 April at Hotel du Vin, York.

We start at 9.30am and finish at 4pm, with celebratory drinks in the bar afterwards.

Everything is included in the price (apart from the celebratory drinks!)

£97.00 for the FULL DAY

£48.50 for members of The 5K Club

Doors close on Monday 16 April.

Twenty seats are available – 7 seats have ALREADY BEEN BOOKED!

What my clients say

You are blooming awesome Mrs and you reminded me how awesome I am too! I must admit I dithered before I hit the send button when booking you for 1-1 coaching. It was a “Should I, Shouldn’t I moment” But I know I absolutely did the right thing. It was worth every single penny.

Jan Taylor

If anyone is still wondering whether or not to work with Rachel, all I can say is that it is the best decision I have ever made for my business. Rachel is always incredibly supportive, and works with you and your business to create a workable model to suit your buisiness. There are no rules – just whatever works for you. You will have fun, get creative and really grow your business. I couldn’t recommend Rachel highly enough Annabel Roberts



Rachel Smith is a business coach whose secret powers include helping women love their money, to create an unstoppable mind-set and to become fearless in their business and therefore their lives!!!

Rachel understands there is NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL that can give you the business success you are seeking.


Your business thrives when you take the essential daily actions allowing you to attract in all of the clients, money and therefore live the life you are truly meant to be living!


Rachel also understands that running your business can feel lonely and frustrating and women all around the world need to be connected with likeminded people who completely understand this crazy entrepreneurial world we live in today.


These events are for women like you, who are ready to attract more clients, more money and want to learn the art of being GRACEFUL and super successful in business and life!