My Story - Rachel Smith

Who is The Business Grower?

Rachel Smith – entrepreneur, strategist and business coach in client attraction and business growth

“I have nearly GIVEN UP running my own biz lots of times. It has felt hard, lonely and overwhelming until I learnt and started to use the strategies and mind-set that consistently grows my business”

This is My Story

My adventures into becoming an entrepreneur started several years ago after the birth of my little boy and following the return to my corporate job and realising that it no longer filled my heart with joy – more like fear!  And after the sudden and unexpected death of a very dear friend who was just about to fly and live the most incredible life, I finally woke up and dared to follow a dream I had harboured for many years.  That was to become a life coach and to train in NLP.

At this time, I didn’t realise that this would also lead me to leaving my well paid and secure job and setting up in business – this wasn’t what I was planning to do at all.

However fast forward a few more years and that’s exactly what I did – I very quickly realised that I had no idea how to generate ‘proper money’ into my business and if I didn’t want to return to paid employment and I realised that I had to very quickly turn this around ASAP.

I wasn’t an overnight success  – I soared and crashed a lot – paid employment looked tempting lots and lots of times.  However by committing myself to growing my business and giving myself permission to make mistakes and take some risks I did it!  I have not done this alone though – I have investment in myself and in my business – I work with coaches and mentors all the time – I am open to learning more and evolving.  My family have been a source of constant support and inspiration.

Every client I work with, I feel privileged they have chosen me to help them, to nurture their dreams and to help them build sustainable and exciting businesses that make their hearts and their souls SOAR.

My business has changed and is growing – each month I am adding a new dimension, however my passion remains the same.  How Can I Support More Female Business Or Future Business Owners to Create A Business And Life They ADORE?

People think I am lucky – I work from home, I am my own boss, , I work with clients who I love, I spend the holidays with the children, I travel, I can generate money when I wish, I collaborate with amazing people, I do the school run.

Yes I am lucky, lucky enough when faced with some BIG life challenges I realised that I have control of my life and I could create something wonderful.

I feel lucky and grateful every time a client decides I can help them to create something wonderful.

However, success isn’t about luck – it’s about understanding how to make your passion and your business work and it’s also about accepting that you don’t have to do it on your own.

Wow – it’s never a quick introduction when you talk to an entrepreneur – there’s always a story.  Thanks for reading mine, Rachel x

What my clients say...

“As a Holistic Massage Therapist I really struggled with the money aspect of running a business. I love what i do and it just seemed wrong to take money for something that i find relaxing.
When I started working with Rachel, I was at a crucial point, rock bottom if you like, my husband had given me a choice to either make the business work without any further financial aide from him or get a job. I’d previously been on one of Rachel’s free webinars, so when she popped up in my inbox with a 6 week programme to change my money mindset, i thought i had nothing to lose and i signed up!
I can honestly say it has been the best decision i made for my business and my sanity. I had no idea that my mindset around money was actually stopping money from flowing to me. There have been so many ‘aha moments’ and Rachel is always on hand to help with any anxieties that may crop up, so you’re never alone with those ‘mind monkeys’! Rachel has a wealth of experience to hand and is so approachable that there’s never any worry about asking a ‘silly’ question.
I can thoroughly recommend Rachel to anyone who would like to change the direction of their business for the better, but especially to those who feel like they have to give up on their dream but don’t want to. My Business is on the up and my personal sanity has been restored. Thanks Rachel.

Jen Styles

Holistic Massage Therapist, Birmingham, UK

I have just had my “Private Strategy Session” with Rachel Smith-The business grower as I felt I needed somebody to help me finding the direction I want to go with my business. Having felt stuck for a little while with lack of enthusiasm but knowing that I had so much more to offer, the time had come to ask for professional help.
It was the best decision I have made in a long time. The moment I contacted Rachel I knew she was the right person for me as I could tell Rachel genuinely wanted to help and support me. During our Skype conversation Rachel asked me some interesting and very precise questions about my business and myself which started a fantastic thinking process. Before our 1-2-1 session I received a questionnaire, again with lots of very poignant questions.
I was really looking forward to our 1-2-1 session and I certainly achieved more than I had hoped for in a relaxed and lovely atmosphere. I will explore new ways to work my business and I am very happy to feel more organised, to have set a business goal and to feel incredibly motivated. I also feel I finally understand who my ideal client is and what to focus on. Even using social media and other technology as business tools doesn’t seem that scary anymore. To be honest, I haven’t felt that excited about my job and my business in a long time.

Would I recommend Rachel? I already have and will certainly carry on doing so.

From a very satisfied customer who is looking forward to offer Reflexology to existing and new clients who are trying to conceive, pregnant ladies, new mums and dads, baby and toddlers and of course everybody else.

Renni Prelle