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Who is The Business Grower?

Straight talking, BS Free, Mindset and Success Coach For Women Who Are On A Passion To Grow Brilliant Profitable Businesses They Are Passionate About!

Hi, welcome to my world, I am Rachel Smith, I am a mission to support as many women as possible to grow their profitable business!

I am not ANOTHER business coach selling you a GET RICH QUICK SCHEME or a FORMULA for generating millions before bed time!

I believe in WORKING HARD (but not too hard, right!)

I believe in INTEGRITY.

And I believe that you can have a successful and profitable business that you LOVE when you show up and do the work.

I cut through the online BS and share exactly what you need to know and do, to achieve consistent months of income from your business.

My Live EVENTS, my MEMBERSHIP CLUB and my GROUP PROGRAMMES are intimate POWERHOUSES, where you get seen, heard and supported.  These places are not overcrowded, you don’t get lost in all of the noise and they are not CASH COWS for me. I don’t sell a product and then bugger off, never to be seen again.

I love my clients.

I am 100% committed to supporting my clients to grow and achieve their desired results (and they do!)

I understand the power of creating intimate spaces for like-minded women and I LOVE face to face.

I love coaching and using NLP to support my clients to overcome their biggest challenges and BLOCKS.

And I love to work with women who understand they are here to grow a brilliant and profitable business that allows them to live an exceptional life.

Woman, who are just like you, who are ALL IN to figuring out how to leverage your current results, how to uplevel your mindset and your actions, who are ready to work with MORE CLIENTS and to earn MORE MONEY as gracefully as possible.

Are you ready for a FRESH APPROACH to coaching and business mentoring?

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My Journey

I have been running my business for several years now following the birth of my first child and the death of a very dear friend.

These two life experiences made me press pause and actually look at what I wanted to do in my life.

It also gave me the confidence to retrain as a LIFE COACH and as an NLP Practitioner.

I hadn’t set out to run my own business, however this training opened me up to a new world full of business owners and I knew quickly this is what I wanted to do.

I set up and ran my life coaching business whilst juggling early motherhood and my part time job.

And then I created and ran successfully for over three years, a local networking group for female entrepreneurs in York.  It was during this time, my current business, The Business Grower, started.

Initially I worked with start up businesses, however I quickly discovered my passion for working with women who were ready to take their business to the next level and this is who I work with today, women who want to take their business to consistent months of 5K a month and beyond.

What Else?

I live in York in the UK with my family.

Outside of business, I have many interests including yoga, kickboxing, hanging out with my family, laughing and spending time at our second home in the North Yorkshire Moors.

Like many people, my entrepreneurial journey hasn’t been a straight path to success.  There have been many bumps in the road, however just like the quote from Oprah Winfrey – You Become What You Believe and I believe that you generate your own success, with a TON of support from others!

Wow – it’s never a quick introduction when you talk to an entrepreneur – there’s always a story. 

Thanks for reading mine, Rachel x

What my clients say...

I’ve spent the day doing my accounts for the last tax year and I wanted to let you know that I smashed my £5k target for six of the last 12 months!

Before I started the £5k club I didn’t have a monthly target and I was a bit skeptical I would be able to earn that much, but you were right – it is amazing the difference having a target makes.

I just wanted to let you know and say thank you for your help at the beginning of last year (seems like a long time ago now!) It was just what I needed at the time to push me forward.

My plan for the next tax year is for exceeding £5k per month to be the rule, rather than the exception. Totting it all up today and realising how far I have come is great motivation! 


I had the good fortune to have a one to one session with Rachel. It was such a helpful conversation which gave me some clarity on where I can focus my business development to help me reach my financial targets while staying in alignment with my overall vision for the business and the impact I have. I thoroughly recommend Rachel for a really effective and empathetic approach for small business owners.

Lesley Waldron

Wild Country Woman

I’m so glad I made the commitment & investment to join. It’s only been a week but I’ve already gotten so much value from the 5k club. The prerecorded content is relevant & informative. I’ve already used some of the worksheets to help me planning my content.

I’ve also already noticed that you’re very invested in making sure all your clients succeed, there’s a really personal feel to the group. I’m so glad I hopped onto the weekly coaching call – you basically drew together a weekly plan for me which has helped me focus and saved me so much time. Thanks already! Fingers crossed some clients are on the way!


The Post Natal Planner

If you’re anything like me your timeline is awash with ‘coaches’ pedalling their one size fits all, easy fix, be a millionaire next week bullshit. Thank goodness I found Rachel Smith – seriously, she’s a breath of fresh no crap, insightful, useful practical advice and insight. She will tell you this takes hard work and dedication but you can do it – and help you believe you can. She really cares and she thinks about every client as an individual, getting to know you and your biz. Am feeling thankful for Rachel today after our 5k club intensive planning this week, scary and challenging as it was. You really have made a huge difference to my life and my business, thank you lovely lady.

Katy Leitch

Mixedup Mag