Ditch The BS, It's Killing Your Business - Rachel Smith

Ditch The BS, It's Killing Your Biz (1)Seriously, are you buying into your own BS about how you can’t have the business of your dreams.  This will kill your business.

If you are feeling dissatisfied, fed up and frustration with WHERE you are right now in your business and therefore your life, I urge you to read this.

I can clearly remember feeling so scared about the future of my business, not really believing I was going to make it work. Feeling that I just needed to DO MORE and when I was earning MORE I would be able to actually live my life.
You know my real life – not the one I was living, where I was putting on a brace face and saying ‘yes business is great’ and all the while worrying about where my next paying client was coming from or how I was going to pay my business expanses.
The reality is the WHOLE TIME I was waiting for my real life to start, I was pouring so much energy into the negativity, into my BS, I was actually creating a reality of where my business was small, my profit was small, my client base was small, my belief was small.
The biggest change in my business happened when – I let go all of the bs, doubt, negativity and fear I was so firecely holding onto.
I stepped into my new reality which was full of opportunitites / possibilities / open doors / more clients and more money.
I stepped in and owned the life I want to have, rather than the life I was living.
I owned the reality that I want to have an AWESOME life.
A life that is packed with CHOICE and freedom.
A life where I run my business around my family.
A life where my family and I travel extensively.
A life where I have the time and energy to be healthy and fit.
I want to work with more of my amazing clients in lots of different creative ways that suit me and my audience.
I want to be supported in my business by coaches, mentors, VA’s etc.,
I want to earn more money – I have some BIG plans in life and I am not content with playing small.

I am bigger than my small business and my small dreams.

And guess what?  The moment I made this decision and this commitment, my business grew!  My visibility increased, my message got clearer, I increased my prices and attract the most amazing fabulous clients who I love working with.
New doors are opening for me and I have more choices, I have summer packed with travel and working with clients.
I have more creative ideas NOW than ever before!
What was the step change?
You have to make the decision – be fully committed to taking the actions and to unapologetically accept the life you want to live and go for it.
You have to be ready to understand that all the BS you keeping telling yourself, about why you can’t make your business work, IS NOT serving you, your dreams, your future clients or your potential.
If you truly want to have a fabulous business and life, you have to make the decision to do what it takes – with your MINDSET – ACTIONS AND FREQUENCY.
You can do it.
You can do anything you put your mind to it – you have been all your life.
Where you are right now, is where you have got yourself.  So you can actually move yourself forward towards your true life anytime you are ready.
It’s all about making a choice and doing the work.
There is no magic wand, however there are many fabulous ways you can make your dreams a reality.
One of these ways is my brand new training Be Unapologetically Successful This Year – https://www.rachelsmithlifecoach.com/unapologetically-successful/
This training starts TODAY!  For the next month I will be supporting an amazing group of female entrepreuners to create their new reality.
The training is delivered across the next two Sunday’s, each 2 hour training is fully recorded.
In this training I am sharing:
  • The Mind-set that will massively shift you from where you are right now to where you want to be (essential work for any business owner!)
  • How to create a lead magnet that will build an audience who loves what you do and are ready to come and work with YOU
  • How to put together an offer that is so irresistible your audience buys it FAST
  • How to launch your lead magents and paid products and services like a pro – learn these skills and you will massively increase your income
  • And finally, how to Sell gracefully and before your offer is even available!
I have space for 10 more women to come and be part of this movement of female business owners who are ready to LIVE THEIR TRUE LIFE.
Within the training, I have built in tons of support so this isn’t just some more training that you NEVER use.
I will be supporting you, coaching you and if neccessary kicking your butt, because, I want you to be successful.
Where I am now in life and business is NOT an exlcusive club where only the smartest, luckiest women are allowed, you can achieve whatever you want.
By completing this work now, you will be in a fabulous position to maximise your results in September and the remaining part of 2016.
You will know exactly which levers to pull to generate more clients and money in your business.
What would that be like?
As well as the one to one support that is available, you will also receive access to my brand new Savvy Mum’s Business School (running throughout August and you don’t even need to be a Mum to be a member).  This is my incubactor where I will be sharing how to keep your business running in the tiny pockets of time you have available – giving you the confidence that you business is still working and growing – allowing you to enjoy the summer.
The doors are closing to Sunday’s Training – Be Unapologetically Successful This Year!
I will be closing the doors on Friday 8 July, if this training is calling to you, click here for full details https://www.rachelsmithlifecoach.com/unapologetically-successful/ plus all of the payment plan options.
I am so excited to be supporting my clients to succeed this summer – are you going to be one of them?