Create Killer Content That Converts To Sales | Rachel Smith

Are you struggling to FEEL visibile to your sould client?

You understand that you ‘should’ be more visible to your soul clients but you struggle to know WHAT to create.


You have tried been visible, however you ran out of things to say, no-one was engaging with you and you couldn’t find the EXTRA time to create all of the content that you need.

Introducing my

Create Killer Content That Converts To Sales Course

In these x3 hour long recordings I share everything I do in my business that allows me to create content for blog posts, live streams, sales pages, programmes, courses and webinars and challenges over and over again that completely speaks to my sould client and allows me to sell to them ALL the time, easily and gracefully.

In this course you will learn:

Where you soul clients are hanging out that works for YOU

What to create for your soul client that totally resonates with them

What are the BIG topics for your soul clients and how to break these down into smaller juicy topics

How to build YOU into your content, so your soul clients start to build a relationship with you quickly

Which platforms to use to increase your visibiliy

How to be consistent so it becomes the norm for your soul clients to see and therefore engage with you

How to create content over and over again without LOSING your life

How to sell from your content, easily and gracefully.

Each training comes with a workbook that helps you to take your training further and decide which are the key steps for you to take in your business so you can start creating killer content.

The value of this content is worth £197.00

HOWEVER, you can purchase this course for £37.00