Kelly & Rachel Webinar - Rachel Smith

The Graceful Solution To Earning More Money & Freedom In Your Business


How To Generate More Money, More Clients and More Freedom In Your Business, GRACEFULLY.

Are you only make money in your business, when you are physically working IN your business?

Are you scared to change your business model in case it doesn’t work and you are left broke?

Do you feel that you left your JOB and exchanged all the stability for working really long hours and not very much money?

Kelly Cairns and I understand this only too well. I set up my coaching business charging just £50 per hour, working on the basis that I would ONLY need 10 clients a week to replace my salary. I soon realised that attracting a high number of new clients every month was exhausting.

And although Kelly was running an award winning business, she only made money if she was working in it. Kelly worked long hours and was too scared to say NO to work she really didn’t want to do.

If this is resonating with you, I am delighted to share our exciting news.

Sunday 5th August – 7PM (GMT)

Together we are running a LIVE webinar where we are going to share not only our inspirational stories about how we moved away from the ‘old’ business model TIME v MONEY and doubled and even tripled our incomes, whilst creating tons of freedom and choices, we are also going to be sharing with you:

The business strategy that allows you to leverage your time, so you can generate more sales and freedom

How to attract more clients organically without paying for a single Facebook Ad

The art of taking graceful action every single day that generates awesome results for your business

This webinar is for you, if you are a female entrepreneur and you are ready to return to business in September understanding:

How to attract more clients, earning more money from your business, FAST!

How to create more freedom for you, by leveraging your time and expertise

Exactly what to focus on so you stop spending all day on Facebook and start to work smarter instead


Rachel Smith

Is the Business Grower and the founder of The 5K Club. Rachel is Rachel Smith Profile Picturepassionate about supporting female entrepreneurs to grow their business, their way. She does not believe in ONE SIZE FITS ALL, what she understands from her own experience and that of her client’s, is taking aligned action every day builds awesome momentum and profit.


Kelly Cairns

Is the founder of The Tech Angel. Kelly is passionate about supporting female entrepreneurs to navigate the technology required to build a successful online business. She has a no bull attitude when it comes to being successful, and believes that you shouldn’t have to be tied to your desk all day every day to build the life you truly desire. She uses her own experience of building a profitable online business to mentor other women to make their business dreams a reality.