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A One Day Business Retreat Where You Work On Your Business!

Wednesday 9th October

With the final quarter of 2019 looming fast, now is the PERFECT time to start to figure out how to generate a flow of new clients into your business.

This is also the perfect time to double down on your business, the summer holidays are over, Autumn is the air, giving you the perfect launch pad to take your business forward.

To figure out how to have new clients on a constant loop.

To put in place a plan and a way of calling clients to you, that actually feels pretty awesome.

To uplevel your thinking and action taking.

So if you are thinking I was going to sell you ANOTHER course, surprise I am not!

Courses and programmes are awesome and they have their place.

However, what I love is the power and the MAGIC of pulling together a room of like-minded women in a beautiful space and spending the day working and focusing on their business.

Spending an entire day working on your business, so that you walk away with IMMEDIATE clarity, focus, ideas, plans and the mindset that will support you to take awesome inspired action in the following weeks and months to come.

When was the LAST time you spent time working on your business and focusing your attention on how you are going to increase your results and profit?

From Being Broke to 5K Weeks

Here is a little about why I understand about leveraging your business to the next level. 

Before I created passive and semi income streams in my business, I was forever looking around for the next paying clients.

It was exhausting and soul destroying. 

I never felt like I got business right, until I bought in income streams that allow a consistent stream of both clients and money, regardless of whether I was hustling for sales or not.

Nowadays, my business is thriving, I have inconsistent months of income, I work with amazing clients, who in turn are generating really brilliant results.

I haven’t got complicated or fancy systems in place, just a couple of really powerful income streams that gives me a consistent flow or clients and money, which I am ready to share with you, so you can use it in your business.

Special One Day Business Retreat

Wednesday 9 October

If you want a consistent flow of clients and money, a fast way to leverage your business and more freedom, I have the perfect LIVE EVENT for you.

Join me in York at my one day in person business event.

During this event I will be supporting you to:




Think and act like a five figure a month business owner

Uplevel your BELIEF and ABILITY for more growth and success

Release an fear that is stopping you right now from accessing your desired results

I will be teaching you:




The Graceful Method to business, allowing you to discover the perfect way for you to show up and call in your soul mate clients, so you have clients on a constant loop.

I will be masterminding with you:




Your bespoke action plan so you understand exactly where to focus your attention to generate your desired results following our day together.

In 2019 women do not want to HUSTLE.

No-one wants to be worrying about where their next paying clients are coming from.

No-one wants to be TIED to their computer trying to think about their next WHITTY and AMAZING social media post is.

A one-hit wonder for their client.

What Women Want Is:


To run a business that is PROFITABLE that impacts hundreds and yes even thousands of clients.

Run super successful launches that help you to work with more clients, deepen your positive impact on the world and give you more money in the bank.

And have more freedom to do the other things in your life you want to.

What I Believe

Business doesn’t need to be hard or complicated.

You just need the time and space to work on your business and support and ideas to get you travelling in the right direction.

And that is exactly what I have created on our special business retreat on Wednesday 9 October.

One Day Business Retreat – the details:

Nestled deep in the historical city of York is a very special venue, Greys Court.

We start our day at 9.30am with tea and coffee, in this beautiful location until 4.30pm.

During this day, I will be taking you through specially created content that will help you to map out exactly how to Get More Clients Now.

You will be working alongside like-minded people who will both inspire and motivate you.

You will leave this event with your freedom business mapped out.

This is an event where you will get LOST – there are just 30 seats available so I am available to answer your questions and support you on the day.

Who Is This Event For?

You if you are ready to move away from working really hard for very little profit

You if you want more freedom in your life to actually LIVE your life.

You if you want to understand how to leverage your time and your results

You if you want to work with more clients

You if you want to earn more money in your business

You if you want to make business less complicated

You if you are ready to take action in your business right now


When you book your seat today, I am also gifting you my BRAND NEW Magnificent Money & Mindset Course (Worth £200).

In this powerful 7 day course you will be working on:

Removing your existing money blocks and beliefs about generating more wealth.  Plus you will also learn how to eradicate fear so you can call in more abundance and wealth in your business, gracefully.

Each day you will receive a simple exercise to complete, allowing you to build the foundations of your unshakeable belief and confidence to growing the business of your dreams.

You can complete this course as many times as you want and you can also dip into all of the resources I have created for you to remove any new block or belief that crops up as you continue to grow your brilliant business.

Your Investment

I want to make them as accessible as possible, your investment for the entire day PLUS all of your refreshments PLUS your goody bag.


Private Facebook Group for 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after for additional support and accountability so you continue to take action long after the event has passed!




£215 Full Price

Book your Seat for £115

Payment Plan £115 x 2

About Me

Who is Rachel Smith?


Hi, I am Rachel Smith, a business coach who supports women to generate consistent months of 5K a month and beyond. I have been working with female entrepreneurs since 2015, following the success of running my business networking events and life coach business.

I discovered in 2016 that hustling for business was both exhausting and too aggressive for me so I decided to drop the HUSTLE, cast out the rule book and grow my business gracefully instead, allowing me to triple my annual income and feel pretty awesome, most days!

What Previous Attendees Said

I booked to come to the live event because I’d been to the two previous events and found them packed with value. Rachel ensures that her live events are not only filled with actionable, useful content that lasts beyond the event, but she provides helpful worksheets and allows plenty of space for you to DO the work. To take time out working through the content so that you actually leave knowing exactly what to do next. (How amazing?) I found that happened this time too, and I left with a really thorough plan for the next months, not to mention the excitement bubbling up inside for all of the things that will take place and how much of a difference it’s going to make to me having all of this ready to go AND to my audience and clients because I have so many more ways to serve them now. I was also made to feel really welcome, the other ladies were all fantastic, the lunch was good and the venue is easy to get to and really lovely. This time we also had our photographs taken which was a well timed and very useful bonus for me!

Clearly I’d recommend you go and work with Rachel – the live events and the 5k club are brilliant. I have learnt so much from Rachel and am so excited for the rest of the year (and beyond!)

Amy Purdie

Whiteacres Design

I attended Rachel’s live event yesterday, I had booked to go on this as I love the way that Rachel helps you within in your business. I had to meet Rachel in person and how amazing she is online, she is equally amazing in person. The day went really quick but it was absolutely amazing from start to finish. It was just what I needed to up level my business. The ladies as well as Rachel were very inspiring and it was like I had knew them all before. I walked away feeling inspired, motivated, and knew exactly what I needed to up level in my business and in my life. I knew I could create a work and life balance that I wanted. As well as up levelling my business at the same time. My plan was ready to implement. I would recommended working with Rachel as she is always there to help you and if you have any questions she will always take the time to answer them. She is there for every single one of her ladies. Thank you Rachel for an amazing day and can’t wait for the next even

Louise Palmer


You Will Walk Away With:

Mindset tools to create your 5k a month mindset practice

Supercharged belief for success

Increased confidence and purpose

The exact strategies to get more clients now

Your personal plan for implementing and taking action

Momentum to maximise Quarter 4 of 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the location of the venue

Here is a link to the venue’s website with this information:

Is the venue accessible for all?

Regrettably the venue is unable to offer disabled access or facilities due to their grade-1 listed status.

Is lunch included?

Lunch and all your refreshments are included in the price.

I have dietry requirements

Please email at and let me know in advance what your requirements are.

Is there parking at the venue?

Paid parking is nearby, please check the details here:

Parking in the city centre can be expansive, however the City does have a brilliant Park and Ride.  Find your nearest one here:


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This one day will free up MONTHS of your time. Let’s do this!

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£215 Full Price

Book your Seat for £115

Payment Plan £115 x 2