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The Becoming Fearless Group Mastermind




I See you

I see you working really hard in your business – you are making progress but it FEELS so hard!

You know sometimes you are completely on fire, busting through your to do list and other days you want to hide in your bed and totally give up on your dreams.

You have invested in the programmes/bootcamps and courses. You have ALL the information, but implementing it all on your own and achieving your goals and desired profit is just hard work.

I get where you are

I totally understand WHERE you are coming from because this was me when I BELIEVED that buying the course was the only thing I needed to do.

I even invested in high end coaches and that didn’t work out their, becuase they taugh a FORMULA and what I now understand is there is no FORMULA to success.

Success is generated through:


Unshakeable belief

Being in TRUE alignment with who you are, who your soul client is and working in a way that feels really easy and graceful



Being supported – currently that includes a Mastermind and 2 amazing fabulous coaches who DON’T teach anything formulaic!

Being in love with my business, my clients, my audience and my offers



I created, sold and ran my first Mastermind in June 2016 and since then I have run another two and I really love creating this special space for my clients because they are SO POWERFUL.

My Masterminds are energetic hubs where you are supported 100% on your entrepreneurial journey.

When you join you are no longer running your business on your own.

You receive direct support from me.

I have a complete insight into who you are, what your dreams are and what your business is.  And I support you from that place.

My role is to support you to act from the highest version of who you truly are, so you are expanding and growing and achieving your goals and dreams.

You also receive tons and tons of support from the other amazing women in the group.

My current Masterminders are in love with each other so much – they freaking support, nurture, laugh and kick ass with each other all the time.

They even held their own Mastermind call when I was one holiday – which I LOVE!

And this is where the magic truly is because when you are part of my Mastermind, even if you don’t realise you could at the beginning, you begin to step up and support and lead!

I create ANY training you need – this is very organic.

You ask for it and I will create it.

Or if I see a common theme coming through our conversations I will create some bespoke training that will help and support you.

A Mastermind isn’t about receiving weekly modules of content for you to slog through – if that is what you are looking for, this Mastermind isn’t for you.

The Becoming Fearless Group Mastermind

Only this week, my coach mentioned how FEARLESS I am now in business. And she doesn’t mean in an aggressive way.  I am gracefully growing my business, stepping up, becoming an authority all without the DRAMA, my business growth is happening because I am allowing it to.

It seems to be completely apt that my brand new Mastermind is called The Becoming Fearless Mastermind.

This is for you if you know that you want more success, more clients, more profit AND you want to impact your clients and your audience in a powerful and positive way.

You understand that you have a big message and you want to get it out into the world.

You are ready to be supported every day in your business to generate epic change, results and profit.

And you want more fun, time, money, adventures, love and abundance!

I am really excited to have created a resource for you if you are looking to:

Bring greater focus and fresh energy into your business

 Grow your business, attracting more clients consistently and making more money

Focus  on the activities now you will be generating new sales and interest and making money during our 16 weeks together and beyond

Change your mind-set and grow your confidence so you start to take those steps you are resisting taking

Be supported by a business coach who really does understand what it feels like when you are ready to step up and stop playing small.

Tap into business, marketing, mind-set and money tools, strategies and tips that are right for you and help you achieve your results

Have a safe environment to learn and grow by likeminded people who really understand what it is like to run your own business

The Becoming Fearless Group Mastermind

Within The Becoming Fearless Mastermind, I will be helping and supporting YOU to make EPIC profit in your business.

Here is how I will be supporting you throughout the 16 weeks within our PRIVATE Facebook Group :

Weekly Group Mastermind Calls 

this 60-90 Minute call is your opportunity to have access to me to get all of your BIG questions and challenges answered.  This call will conclude once everyone who needs to be supported has had their questions responded to.


Live Stream Training

I will create bespoke Live stream training to respond to your questions when it falls outside of the weekly call.


High Frequency

I am calling in women who are ready to drop all of their fears / past hurts and BS and who will do the work and take the action that will generate EPIC growth and profit in their business.  This is a high frequency group – this is going to get you motivated and moving forward, even when you thought you were going to sit down and give up for a bit.


Mindset work

I will be sharing with you and creating the space for you to start your own mind-set work.


I will be sharing with you and creating the space for you to start your own mind-set work.

Joint Working Opportunity

I will be SHOWCASING YOU!!!!  Yes!  Because I am DEEPLY invested in your success and growth, we will be creating unique opportunities for you to be showcased to my audience.

I am all IN to support the group of women who decide that this is their opportunity to build a super successful business in 2017.  I am going to showing up for 16 weeks to help and support you to grow your EPIC profit.


On Friday 7 April 2017 we kick off with a Group Planning Session.

You will be mapping out EXACTLY what you are stepping into during our 16 weeks together (and beyond!)


2 x Hustle Day > Hustle Days are when we  come together to implement BIG ACTION that will help you to generate fabulous results in your business.


Every week you can WIN a complimentary 121 coaching call with me!

I want you to MAKE progress every single week therefore I am incentivising YOU to make progress during your time in the mastermind.

The people WHO show up consistently and take action will receive a complimentary coaching call with me worth £200.

All you have to do is take action.

Access The Becoming Fearless Group Mastermind


Your full investment for 16 weeks for support, accountability, resources, coaching is £250.00 per month.

Your full investment is £1,000 paid over 4 months.



You will receive a complimentary half day strategy session with me worth £1,000.

In this private session we will be looking at your business in detail, mapping out your visibility, content, offers and launches – whatever you need!




You will receive 2 x 60 minute Private Coaching Calls with me during our time together, worth £800

** BONUS – ALL **

You will receive a complimentary seat to my special Mastermind Event in York in September!

This is a great opportunity to meet me and your fellow Masterminders.  To celebrate your success and to learn some more fabulous new content!




Calling To You?

I am looking to attract female business owners who are ready to take action, who know they want to bring focus, clarity and energy into their business.

I also want people in the Mastermind where this programme is a great fit for you, so if you have any questions or if you want to book in a 15 minute chat about whether this is the right resource for you contact me at