How To Create, Launch and Sell Your Next Top Selling Offer! - Rachel Smith


How to create, lauch and sell gracefully without HUSTLE

I see you working hard in your business, working deeply with your clients, helping them in their life or business.

I know you are PASSIONATE about your clients.

I understand you WANT more, that you are ready to expand, to call in more of your amazing clients.

I understand that you feel that you haven’t quite NAILLED selling.

I know you want to have a way to call in clients to you WHEN you want them to buy from you.

I know you are NOT using launches to reach more of your clients.

How To Create, Launch & Sell Your Next Top Selling Offer!

I am excited to share with you an amazing opportunity that is going to change everything for you in your business – this is actually one of the 3 strategies that helped me to TRIPLE my income last year.

Over three weeks I will share EVERYTHING I use to create, launch and sell my products every single week!

Plus I have some fabulous BONUSES that will ENSURE you nail this quickly and start to use it from the very first live training call.

This is for you if you have either an offline or online business.

Introducing How To Create, Launch and Sell Your Next Top Selling Offer!
Starting Sunday 26th February to Sunday 19th March 2017

Week 1

In week one I will be sharing how you to:

Speak to your audience in a way that they FEEL so connected to you that they are ready to work with you.

Show up consistently as the EXPERT to your audience, confidently.

Create a ton of content, how to repurpose this and how to deepen your relationship with your audience.

This foundation work is essential BEFORE you get into selling and for your future business growth!

Week 2

In week two I will be sharing with you, how to:

Grow your unstoppable mind-set for success!

Create your next HOT OFFER, including how to feel so in alignment with this, you actually can’t WAIT to get it out there!

Create a compelling sales page that oozes clarity and confidence about exactly what you are offering and why people should pay it.

Nail your price.

Which juicy CTA’s to add so you make this offer a very simple HELL YES.

How to WARM your audience up and get them READY for your launch!

And how to SELL before your launch!

Week 3

In week three I will be sharing how you to:

Sell OUT gracefully, without giving up your life or spending a ton of money.

Keep your launch alive even when there is a dip in interest.

Sell gracefully, so actually it doesn’t feel like selling to you or your audience.

Keep going even when you think you can’t actually do anything MORE to launch your offer.


When you purchase this BEFORE Wednesday 15 February you will receive a 60 minute Private Coaching Session With Me!


I will share my Masterclass on how you can Sell To Your Audience Using Livestream


A private Facebook Group where I will continue to support you to implement these strategies in your business over the 3 weeks.

This is for you:

If you know this is your time right now to grow your business, you have waited this long and you know you are not waiting any more.
You are passionate about what you do and who you work with.
You know you have so much MORE to give to your clients and you are open to receive it, now!
To work on your mindset EVERY SINGLE DAY
You are ready to be brave and become fearless in your pursuit of creating a life and business you LOVE.

This is not for you if:

You are not ready to do the work and you are not open to learning new ways to grow your business.

You are a hard-ass hustler – this is not the programme for you!

You don’t want to be supported by me to grow your business – you are still busy downloading all the freebies and taking time to figure it out on your own.



Because I have nailed using these strategies in my business and it has been one of the THREE Strategies that helped me in 2016 to TRIPLE my business.


Also when you are creating, selling and launching on a regular basis your self-confidence and belief in WHAT you do massively increases.


PLUS your visibility naturally goes through the roof during any launch and this makes you even more accessible to your ideal client.


And finally because you will INCREASE your Profits!



This entire programme should be over £497.00!


However when you purchase this before Wednesday 15 February, you will receive FULL Access to all of the programme and all the bonuses for £197.00





Payment Plan Available:


£98.50 x 2



£65.66 x 3



Why I Know This PROGRAMME Will Positively Impact On Your Business

This time last year, I was face down in the carpet wondering WHAT the hell to do next because my latest LAUNCH had failed!

After I picked myself up, eventually, I worked on everything that didn’t work.  I got support through amazing coaches and mentors and I did the work.

And now, I create brand new offers ALL the time, I use livestreams to build my audience and to sell to them, I sell every single week and I actually now LOVE launches!

Last year, using exactly what I am sharing in this 3 week live training programme actually helped me to TRIPLE my income.

Are you in?

If you are ready to stop playing it small and instead you know you want to create offers that you are in complete alignment with, that actually launching and selling these offers feels exciting and graceful.

And if you want to call in tons of your amazing clients so you can do the work with them that you LOVE and which transforms their lives, this is the training for you.

I am NOT holding back in this training programme > when you show me you are all in to do the work, I will be 100% all in to help and support you too.

Book Today And Receive ALL Of The Bonuses Too!

Purchase this before Wednesday 15 February, you will receive FULL Access to all of the programme and all of the BONUSES:

3 x 90 minute Live Masterclasses with Q & A (fully recorded)

3 x Workbooks

Private Facebook Group for continued support and access to me for three weeks.


Bonus Masterclass > How to sell using livestreams


Bonus Private Coaching Call > 60 minute coaching call with me


Payment Plan Available:

£98.50 x 2

£65.66 x 3