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Work Hard To Achieve Your Results.

Work Hard To Achieve Your Results.

PERSONAL ALERT***I am going to share a very personal story – this photo gives you a BIG hint about the theme!  It’s all about getting the results you want in life and business.

Since my twenties, I have always had a fit body – I am not naturally a sporty person however I understand the importance of being fit and healthy (especially when you have little people).  I have always created time and space to exercise, it’s just been part of my schedule.

An accident 17 years ago meant I had to RETHINK my entire approach to fitness but I did, I changed how I exercised and it still worked.

Up until I hit my 40’s – my life is super busy, I run my own business, I manage multi income streams, I have my young family, I love to go out and socialise, I love to travel, I love WINE and I take on BIG projects.

As a result of being older and busier has resulted in a personal struggle with my fitness – I have definitely yo-yoed with my body shape in the past 2-3 years.

It hit a point earlier this year when I actually weighed myself and I couldn’t believe the results – when I was talking to my hubby and bestie, we pinpointed that I wasn’t actually MOVING enough and my wine drinking was definitely making it harder to keep healthy – I don’t drink much wine – 2 or 3 evenings a week.

Now, I could have ACCEPTED that I was where I was and not changed a thing.

I could have, bitched and moaned that it wasn’t fair, I was already exercising 2-3 times a week plus I walk or cycle every day.

Or I could have, made a decision and more importantly a COMMITMENT to do the work and achieve my personal fitness and health goals.

Of course, I decided to make the COMMITMENT to do the work – I found MORE time and energy to take my fitness to a higher level.

I have reduced my wine intake – it wasn’t all that hard.

And guess what?

I am loving moving my BODY more.

I love the challenge of pushing myself further, faster.

AND best of all I am loving the results!!!

And this is exactly the same for business.

If your business isn’t where you want it to be right now – you can choose to bitch and moan and do nothing and you can choose to leave it exactly where it is.

Or you can decide to COMMIT to doing the work.

Being ALL in with your focus and energy.

Being ALL in with your actions.

Being ALL in with your mindset.

Being ALL in with your clients.

Being ALL in with your offers and sales.

Being ALL in with growing your business – doing the work, taking the steps and getting the results you truly desire to have.

My question for you is – what would your business look like if you where ALL in? Exactly what would you be doing in your business right now, because you had made the decision to step up every day and do the work?

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I look forward to meeting you soon over in my group – in the meantime, please don’t forget – when you commit to the work, you WILL achieve your desired results.

Love Rachel x