I Thought I Was TOO Stupid To Succeed - Part 3 Of The Accidental Entrepreneur - Rachel Smith

Even when success started to turn up, I thought I was too stupid to succeed!

This was a deep rooted belief of mine – one compounded by my childhood experiences.

I was told time and time again:

  • You are a girl (and proud of it!)
  • You are stupid (apparently not!)
  • You are just like XXXX (Maybe?  However I am also good enough as me)
  • You are lazy and stupid (Of course I am, come and watch me get through everything I do in a week)
  • You will amount to nothing (oh that’s definitely not true)
  • You will be fat and stupid (I am actually 100% fitter than you!!!)
  • You will never earn as much as me (well I achieved that one quite quickly actually!)

Not quite the positive soundtrack that you need to be running through your head and heart as you entre into the world of the entrepreneur!

Thankfully I was too STUPID to really listen to these deep rooted beliefs AND I have a super supportive and amazing husband who has NEVER believed any of this clap trap!

And my sister is also one of my biggest cheerleaders too!

Go us!

That’s enough isn’t?

Two people out of a zillion!

Actually all you do need is just one or two people to believe in you so you can start to nurture yourself.

So I did.

However much I grew my business though, I did for a period of time believe that I was too stupid, to generate more than £1-£2,000 a month consistently.

For a while that was ok – I was generating a consistent flow of clients into my business, I was loving what I was creating and how I was showing up for my audience, I loved my clients, I was generating income to replace my OLD part time salary.

However, I was working between 40-60 hours a week so actually when you break this down to hours and pay, it wasn’t great.

I got stuck in comparison-it is!

I started to believe I wasn’t good enough or smarter enough.

I invested my precious time and energy on believing that I couldn’t have the business I really wanted because I couldn’t figure out the BIG STRATEGIES like launching / selling / creating and selling high end offers / sales funnel / visibility / livestreaming / website conversion.

I spent  time in the WASTELAND of disbelief and despair.

And I did have quite a few tears and very LONG baths!!

However, when I got over this and I realised that all I had to do is to CHOOSE what I believed in, I invested in my own learning and growth and I QUICKLY discovered that actually I am not TOO STUPID to generate £5,000 a week from my business!

Is this resonating with you?

Are you stuck in your own disbelief?

Here are just a few of the key lessons I have learn’t along the way!

  • NEVER believe in someone else’s low opinion of yourself – this is NEVER about you and is always about them!
  • SHINE your light everyday and become the beacon for other women to be able to do the same!
  • You are already amazing!

Coming up in Part 4  I share the NUMBER ONE STRATEGY that I use everyday in my business that helped me shift from those deep rooted beliefs.

Love Rachel x

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