The Only Magic Wand You Need For Business Success Is You! | Rachel Smith

The Magic Wand For Business Success Is You!

There is no magic wand or pill that will TRANSFORM your business success.


But not sorry.

Because one of the magically things that actually happens whilst on your crazy entrepreneurial journey is this.

You transform.

You become a different, better, stronger version of yourself.

Just take a moment right now and look BACK on where you started and where you are right now.

And yes you might not be EXACTLY be where you want to be right now.

For now, let’s honour your journey, your growth, your expansion.

Stop looking for the next shiny object to SAVE your business.

Yes you need training and support.

However, the biggest transformation is when you take all the baby steps every day in growing your business.

Weaving in the trainings and strategies you are learning.

Before too long, you will be in a completely different place from where you are now.

Here are the key lessons I have learnt during my entrepreneurial journey.

  • Work on your mindset every single day – especially when you are feeling worried or anxious.
  • Surround yourself with likeminded people – there are very few ‘normal’ people who understand our world.
  • Be supported – join a Mastermind, an online Club, a face to face group, hire a coach. There are NO prizes for growing your thriving business on your own.
  • Plan for your success – stop all the faffing about and hours on social media. Get clear about the direction you want to go in and take daily steps forward.
  • Keep on your own path – we are surrounded by messages from other people that they have bigger and better businesses, plans and successes. Keep your eyes on your business, use your precious energy ONLY on moving your business forward.
  • Do the money work – if you want to attract more money, respect your money, understand where you are calling your next money in from, be paid your worth.
  • Be visible – choose one way that you are going to SMASH for visibility before you move onto other methods.
  • Believe in yourself!
  • Be yourself – don’t try to mimic someone else, don’t hide your most glorious version of who you truly are, be you and let yourself SHINE!!!!
  • Take daily action – move forward gracefully everyday.
  • Sell – learn to love selling your amazing products and services. Be consistent.
  • Have a business model that supports your goals.
  • And finally DREAM BIG – you are not serving yourself, your clients, your business, your family or the community by playing small and scared!


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Dare to dream big juicy goals!

Love Rachel x