Are You Stuck In Sameness? Getting The Same Results And The Same Money? - Rachel Smith

Are You Stuck In Sameness-Do you feel stuck in sameness?

Do you feel that you keep getting the SAME results in your business?

Your business could be suffering from SAMENESS!

Here is a quick 6 point review to check if you are suffering from SAMENESS.

Just answer a simple yes or no to these following statements:

Do you find yourself spending time and energy on worrying about:

  • Doubts – how can I grow my business more, can I make my business work, shall I put my prices up, what will people say if I say or do X, the market is flooded with competitors
  • Results – no more profit, same income, none or very little list growth, same visibility, saturated audience
  • Products & Services –selling the same products and services as 12 or even 24 months, it feels so dull!
  • Getting It All Done – rushing around, missing lunch, working the same long days and weeks.
  • Prices – prices haven’t increased for AGES.  It’s on the list of to do but it keeps getting shelved!
  • Mind-set – struggling every day and week to believe this business can actually work and grow and create profit!

Have you got mainly no’s?

Brilliant well done. You are not stuck in sameness!

Have you got 1 or more yes’?

I understand where you are coming from.

I have definitely suffered from sameness too!

As a business coach and strategist I am constantly having conversations with female business owners who are experiencing staying stuck and receiving the SAME results.

It often takes another pair of eyes to be able to SEE what needs to happens next in your business and how to overcome SAMENESS .

Here are 5 Ways You Can Overcome Sameness Today And Improve Your Results!


Press Pause.

Take time out of your business, just for a couple of hours.

Identify what you LOVE about your business, who you love working with and how.

Decide where you want your business to be in the future.  This can be in the next 6, 12, 24 months – you choose.

Next, map out how you are going to achieve this.

EXAMPLE: Perhaps you recognise, you want to generate a stream of passive income in your business and have decided to create a Membership Site.

For this you need a large audience to promote and ultimately sell your Membership to, therefore you need to have a strategy for growing your audience.

You now have clarity and focus, time to take action and get those results!

  1. Alignment

It takes energy and passion to make a business work.   Ensure you always feel in alignment with all aspects of your business.  Take time to check how you feel about:

  • Who and how you work with your clients
  • How many hours you work
  • Where you work
  • What you are paid for your work

Where something doesn’t feel in alignment or right, have the courage to change it.

I have been running my coaching business for years and it has massively evolved over the years, as I have.


Get clear! When you have a clear strategy and you understand how you are taking your business forward in a way that FEELS exciting and in complete alignment with who you are, you will also receive all sorts of clarity.

This could include, what your next product or freebie is, how you are going to promote this and how you will get people to sign up to working with you.

Plus you will feel super motivated to make it happen – no more spending hours on social media, you will have tons of focus.


Having a can do mind-set and spending time nurturing a robust mind-set is one of the biggest GIFTS you can give your business.

You might think Mind-set is very woo-woo and not for you.

However, when you take the time and the energy, you will experience more growth in your business and therefore your life, when you are frequently focusing, positively, on your desired outcomes.

Spend time worrying and feeling anxious and you will definitely remain STUCK in sameness.

Change your mind-set and you will change your business.


If you want to shift a gear in your business and move away from sameness, you have to take action.

A lot of it!

This isn’t to say you have to DO everything in your business.


This is about accepting that there are some CORE actions that, consistently done, will grow your business.

Action will grow your business.

And action will also help you to overcome any fear you have and grow your confidence.

Take action on the CORE activities that will help you to achieve your desired out and you will achieve greater success and change your current SAMENESS state to building momentum and growth in your business.

Are you ready to let go of sameness?

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You don’t have to suffer from sameness, so lets do something about it!

Love Rachel x