Stand The F**k UP For What You TRULY Want!!!! | Rachel Smith

Stand The F**k UP For What You TRULY Want!!!!

💜Where in your life and business are you failing to stand up for what you want?
💜What you really want.
💜Where are you trying to please EVERYONE else to the detriment of what you want?
💜Where are you doing something in your life and your business that actually DOESN’T fill you with joy and excitement?
💜Perhaps you are working with clients who are no longer your soul mate client?
💜Or you are planning to create, launch and sell a product or service that actually you feel completely out of alignment with – perhaps it bores you now.
💜Are you keeping your prices too low so your audience and your clients don’t fall out with you?

Or something else?
I have done all of the above and I understand why it happens and also understand how crappy it makes you feel when it does.
Even though I am in my mid 40’s I still find some situations and conversations hard to have.
I still choose the easier option than speaking up (don’t we all?)
Literally today, I went to my yoga class and as I drove home, I realised that actually I couldn’t go home for 15 minutes as my neighbour (who is a wonderful person) would see my car.
Why did that matter?
She sits on a committee of a charity that I am a member of and for which I had sent my apologies for today’s meeting.
I know I need to resign from this committee, however I don’t want to UPSET this lovely person!
I am serving myself here?
I am serving my neighbour, the committee or the work they do?
Too right I have seen the errors of my ways and yes I will be speaking to my neighbour and resigning from the committee – I know afterwards I will feel AMAZING!
This is a SMALL example of how I am not standing up for what I want.
Do you find yourself in similar situations?
When it comes to business, can you afford to KEEP pleasing other people, to the detriment of who you truly are and what you are here to do?
How is that serving you – your bigger vision – your mission – your existing and future clients?
Instead, what would it be like everything you did and said felt spot on?
What would it feel like, to work with your SOUL MATE CLIENT in a way that lights YOU up?
This is about being in TRUE ALIGNMENT with yourself – when your actions feel easy, natural.
True alignment allows you to operate from a higher vibrational place.
Alignment makes life and business more graceful.
You are once again, feel excited and energised about your business, your life and everything you are calling in.
This is when SURPRISE clients will suddenly contact you and you are wondering how they even found out about you.
Feeling out of kilter and out of alignment?
I urge you to start today to stand up for the fuck you want!
Give yourself permission at some point today to write out your prefect day, including:
✔️how you start your day
✔️who you are working with
✔️how you are working with your soul mate client
✔️how much money is flowing into your business and your life
✔️who else is supporting you in your business RIGHT now
✔️how you feel about yourself, your business and your life
✔️what else you are making time and energy for
How far away from that are you right now?
What do you need to do to make this happen?
Is it a big tweak or a small one?
On a scale to 1 to 10 (10 being the HIGHEST) how much do you want it?
Anything from 7 up to 10 you are ready to STAND up for who you truly are and what you want.
Start today!
This isn’t about you becoming selfish.
By letting go of the actions, clients, pricing, packages etc., that no longer serve you, allows you to work in a deeper and more transformational way which positively impacts on your clients.
Everyone around you benefits.
You are happier, healthier.
You start to glow.
You stop stressing and worrying about making it ALL work.
You are calmer and clearer.
And believe it or not, you will have MORE time and energy because everything you do keeps you in that state!
You might need to let go of other people’s strategies, bootcamps, programmes and techniques that you have heavily INVESTED in.
However the moment you start being who you truly are, you will discover that you don’t need to use other people’s models, because you will have the confidence to define your own.
Believe it or not, you are already good enough for whatever you truly want to call in!!!
Love Rachel x