So What Is Procrastination Really And How Can You Overcome It? - Rachel Smith
Procrastination & How To Stop It!

Procrastination & How To Stop It!

So what is procrastination and how on earth do you overcome it?

Procrastination when you are a business owner can be crippling.

It can stop you from taking action.

It can stop you for developing relationships and deepening your connection with your audience.

It can destroy your belief that you can achieve your dreams and goals.

It can stop you for being visible in your business, to the point where you audience actually thinks you don’t exist anymore.

So what is procrastination and why do so many business owners suffer from it?

Procrastination comes from fear.

Procrastination comes from believing you have to EVERYTHING in place before you launch it!

Procrastination comes from not having clarity about what happens next OR how to overcome a challenge you are facing.

Procrastination comes from trying to do and be everything in your business, yourself.

Procrastination comes from having no one who understands your unique situation.

Here are my top 5 ways to overcome procrastination:

  1. Get Out Of Your Funk

Until you have worked on yourself, you are giving off the wrong VIBE.  You need to complete the internal work first. Your audience will feel that your message is out of kilter with the energy they receive from you.

They will resist you.

Personally, I take time out of my business to work on myself even if I have to take a day or two.  Sometimes I turn this around quickly, other times it takes a while.

Here are some the ways I raise my energy – stop working / stop pushing / step away from the computer and from social media / return to myself – this can be having a cuppa / going for a walk / talking to my sister / listen to music – my fav is having a bath (don’t tell my sister!!)

Also, it could be or include – journaling / returning to my big vision / visualisation / exercise / speaking to my mastermind buddies (who totally understand exactly where I am coming from!)

  1. Figure It Out

When I am feeling stuck I will work out where I am headed – what are the bigger goals I am working towards.  Next I check in with where I am right now and pinpoint the key actions that will help me achieve these goals (always start with the end in mind).

If I can’t manage this on my own, I speak to my coach and or I contact my Mastermind buddies and ask for their support and advice.

  1. Take Action

Any action is better than no action.  The best way from me to move away from procrastination quickly is to take action.  I don’t want to spend ANY time in procrastination, I want to move and to move fast.

  1. Let It Go

I let go of whatever I need to that will release me to move forward.  If I am feeling pissed off at someone or something I let it go – I understand this doesn’t serve me positively, so I let it go and where I can, I forgive too.

As much as I can I let go of situations and reframe it in the positive.  This could be recognising a lesson I needed to learn or accepting that other people have different values / perspectives and dreams or they weren’t the ideal client for me to work with.

  1. I Don’t Do Everything

I no longer feel the need to DO everything in both my life or business.  There are many things I do brilliantly and other things that other people do brilliantly, so I delegate even if this means I am spending money.  I have learnt that the money I spend asking for support, I will make back doing the things I do brilliantly.

You don’t have to let procrastination slow you down, find some ways that work for you and get moving again!

Perhaps a strategy or two from this blog post has resonated with you – trying using them next time you feel scared or stuck in your business.

Love Rachel x #moreclientsmoremoney

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