What It Takes To Create A PROFITABLE Business | Rachel Smith

We hear all the time about the millionaire entrepreneurs who were down to their last dollar or pound and then overnight they became a 6 figure – 7 figure business owner.

What you don’t hear about is all the years of working and waiting that these 6 and 7 figure business owners had or all the debt they accumulated or all their business plans and businesses they ditched.

It isn’t easy running your own business.

The reality is, It is flipping hard.

There are SO many things to focus on.

There is such a large pool of competition to distract you.

There are so many experts out there who know more than you.

Well that is true if you allow your mind to spiral into complete despair and worry and focus on these beliefs.

I agree that running your own business is flipping hard.

I agree that running a profitable business is even harder.

Running your own business is probably the hardest you will ever work and you will probably be taking action like you never imagined you could.

However, there only a very few PROFITABLE businesses that survive beyond 8 years.

Less than 10%

Why does this happen?

For so many reasons.  Our mindset for one.  If you have or keeping having doubt about whether you could take your offer to the market place or put your prices up or fail to close the deal, this is going to stop you from calling money to you.

Your relationship with money is another key area that female business owners, totally fail to look at, it might make you feel pretty icky thinking about or asking for the money.  But until you truly value yourself, you will never generate the profit you desire.

Getting distracted is another big challenge.

There is so much noise out there – so many experts with their fabulous free content and YouTube video series and Instagram Stories to watch.

It is super easy to get distracted.

And another reason why your business will fail to be profitable is when most of your daily actions is the equivalent of throwing spaghetti at the wall, hoping and praying that something will stick.

This strategy will work, to a point, however it is almost impossible to understand what is working and what isn’t working, therefore is no opportunity to leverage your results.

That is why as scary and possibly boring as it may sound, you have to be the CEO of your business – everyday.

You are not just the doer – the one person who is implementing all of the actions.

You are not just the creator, the only person who creates new ideas and concepts for your business.

You are not just the sales and marketing expert.

You are first and foremost the CEO of your business.

It comes down to you having the overall VISION and therefore the long term and short term PLAN for your business.

You may feel that you already have both the vision and a plan, but when was the last time you wrote down your vision and worked out your plan – or are you carrying that all in your head too?

How frequently are you reviewing your plan or are you blindly sitting at your desk everyday and doing what you have always done?

Harsh but true.

It breaks my heart when I see passionate driven women not achieve their full potential or their dreams because they are failing to be the CEO in their business everyday.

Where to start?

If this is resonating with you, the good news is, you can change how you approach your business.

And it starts with you.

First of all get super clear about what you are here to achieve with your business, really dive deeply into your BIG WHY.

Get super clear on your vision.

And next it is about putting your CEO hat on and figuring out how to leverage your results so you are generating more profit quickly.

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Whenever, I share this content with business owners, the level of clarity they receive is massive.

They immediately understand how to grow their business and how to impact hundreds if not thousands of their soul mate clients.

The best part of running your own business is you can choose to be part of the 10% of business owners who figured it out and continue to flourish.

I would love to hear your thoughts after you have watched the Masterclass, post them below.

Love Rachel x