Have You Burn't All Your Bridges Back To Normality? This is When You Will Experience Quantum Leaps Of Growth | Rachel Smith

Have you burnt all of your bridges back to normality?  When you do, this is when you experience quantum leaps of growth in your business.

This question popped up in my head whilst watching Tony Robbins on Sunday morning on YouTube.

He was talking to two successful men about their multi million pound businesses and they were talking about how they ALWAYS knew they would succeed because they had BURNT all their bridges back to a normal life.

I realised that it wasn’t until late 2015/ early 2016 that I, actually BURN all of my bridges back to running a teeny tiny business.

Up to this point – there was always the possibility that I would pack it all in, give up, stay at home, lick my wounds and then get a job.

And there was always the possibility that I would be ‘satisfied’ with earning the same as my monthly wage from my last job.

But I never could.

There was always that niggle that actually I was here to help hundreds more women to build amazing business without facing the struggles and challenges that I have faced growing my business on my own (in the early days).

When I use to consider the above two options, I could feel the panic of giving it all up or playing it small.

I knew that I was here to do more.

My coach totally believes that your business chooses you and believe me, when I say it has only been through gritted teeth and determination that I am still here working in my business right now.

It would have been easier for me to walk away.

And I never have and I never could.

Back to burning bridges.

I have talked about the turning point I faced a lot in my Facebook Group, Live Your Abundant Life alot, when faced the choice of giving up or deciding I was actually ALL IN to make my business the most successful I could.

I (obviously) decided I was actually ALL IN.

In face I made quite a personal declaration about it.

Then I invested and invested and invested in myself and my business, because I also know that it is almost impossible and very slow and extremely lonely to try and grow a business on your own.

And this turning point was me BURNING  MY BRIDGE back to normality.

I knew there was no going back from that point.

Only forward.

And, I make this declaration every single day, in my head, my heart through my daily mind-set work.

I burnt any possibility in my mind that there was a GET OUT OF BUSINESS FOR FREE CARD.

The only possibility for me is growth, expansion, success and living my life in such an amazing and abundant way.

So back to you.

Have you burnt all of your bridges?

Do you feel 80-90 or even 100% certain that you will achieve EVERYTHING (and probably more) that you truly desire too?

Or is there still a shaft of light falling on a different path?

If so, what is happening there?

Does that chink in your belief in yourself and your dreams keep pulling you back?

Back from achieving exactly what you want?

The honest truth is, until you feel it in your head and your heart that you are ALL IN, you will continue to waver.  You will continue to chase shining new objects.  You will struggle to achieve your wildest dreams.

However when you take the leap and you burn every single possible bridge back to normal, and you feel 100% committed to doing what it takes – this is when you experience quantum growth and expansion in your business.

Ask and you will receive!

Are you ready to burn those bridges and to leap?


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Love Rachel x