Picture This - Fast Forward To September 2017 - Rachel Smith

How To Create Your NEW Reality!

Picture This….
It’s September, today is a working day.
You can’t wait to get started.
You walk into your workspace.
It is organised – tidy even.
Before you do anything – you pause, look around, appreciating the sunlight as it streams into the room.
You decide to take a moment to visualise your coming week.
Closing your eyes you can see clearly how this week is going to unfold.
You open your eyes.
You are excited.
You are focused.
Opening your calendar, you smile in pride as you check through this week’s appointments.
You are fully booked.
Your heart is FULL of gratitude.
However, you have made time in the week to work on your growth strategy for your business and for taking an exercise class or two in between client work.
Today is content creation day – this is where you spend time connecting with your client and mapping out the most compelling content that will both help and support your clients and positions you as an authority in your field.
You become SO inspired you jump on a live video and you create fabulous engagement with your audience.
You invite those on the live to jump on a strategy call with you.
They do.
Once again all of your sales calls are full.
It’s midday.
You wander into your kitchen and put together something that is super simple and very tasty to eat.
You eat whilst watching some inspirational content.
Once you have returned to the office with a hot brew in your hand.
It’s time to complete your weekly admin tasks.
You send over all of your accountancy activities to your bookkeeper.
You speak to your technical support – your new sales page is ready.
It looks amazing – you spend a few minutes marvelling how you NEVER how to do the technical work anymore.
One more call, you check in with your VA.
Everything’s sorted, your content is scheduled and all of your appointments have been arranged.
One last job.
Your sales sheet.
Opening up your bank account and your paypal account – again you take a moment to TAKE in what you have generated as profit in your business.
You know this money has bought your amazing summer holiday and your up coming Mastermind Retreat that you actually can’t believe your LUCK that are spending time with an awesome group of business owners.
This money has also given you the ability to add more support to your team in the business and at home.
This money has also given up the confirmation that you HAVE not just a sustainable business but a truly exciting one too.
You look at your projected sales.
This sheet maps out your future plans for your growth and expansion.
You are partly shocked that ACTUALLY you have EXCEEDED your business plans.
However, you are also in complete acceptance that this is happening.
You are confident, clear and very happy.
Your clients love you and you have a consistent flow of amazing clients who are ready to work with you.
Life is not good.
LIFE is amazing.
You work when you want.
You have support and systems in place that make business feel easy and graceful.
You generate money over and over again, working with the most incredible people, making a positive difference to their lives.
You are grateful for every risk you have taken.
For every action you took.
For the money you have personally invested in yourself and your business.
For every single person who has put their hand up to being part of your world.
You know who you are and where you are taking your business.
And you can’t wait!!!!
Does this sound good to you?
Does this sound very similar to WHERE you want to be in September?
I want to tell you a secret – this is ALL possible for you.
That’s right.
By taking inspired and focused action in your business for the next four months, you will arrive at this point (or to the place YOU want to be).
How do I know?
Because this is actually what happened to me in 2016.
Are you ready to create your very own sold out reality?
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