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DAILY BLOG POST>>>>Why Oh Why Do Women Believe This? 

I am passionate about supporting women to grow their amazing businesses, however I also understand that many women believe they HAVE to built their business on their own.

You might think as a business coach that of course I am going to writing to you about why it is essential that you invest in SUPPORT in your business.

However, you also need to remember that I am also a business owner.

I own multiple businesses – one of those happens to be my coaching business.

I run thriving businesses.

In my coaching business I am:

*Growing my tribe consistently
*Creating exciting offers that my audience actually wants and I sell these frequently
*Business actually feels graceful, easy almost

Of course, I have to get up and do the work and that’s brilliant because it’s the work aspect I LOVE

Did I achieve this all on my own?

Do you think I woke up one day I knew straight away how to:

*Write amazing content that resonates deeply with my audience?
*Create compelling copy and sales pages?
*Overcome the mind monkeys that appear every day?
*Create juicy offers that my audience loves?
*Consistently show up on live video delivering value and engagement?


*Sales pages

If I listed out everything I do in my business and everything other people do for me, it would be a very long list (and quite boring as well).

Last year, I tripled my profit.

I did not manage this on my own.

I invested in:

VA Support
Tech Support
Web site development

You might think I am an idiot, however I would not have achieved last year’s hopes and dreams WITHOUT investing in my business.

And this year, my hopes and dreams are even bigger and juicer!

You may also think, that I am one of those LUCKY women who has got it all figured out.

I can’t even tell you the level of personal adversity I have experienced in my life.

Last year alone, alongside growing my business and all the other wonderful things I do, like growing my amazing children and loving my husband, I spent the first half of the year in and out of court – not directly for me, but it’s not my story to tell. However this took time, energy and there was a whole load of screaming and shouting that went on too (from me!)

So I haven’t got it all sorted out at all.

But I have a very clear vision for my business, my clients, my growth, my family, my life and my health.

This vision is NON NEGOTIABLE – it’s too big and too important for me to not invest in.

And the ONLY way I can fulfil it, is through investing in getting exactly the right support in.

I will always invest in my business – it is the only way to grow your business, without losing your mind and to accelerate at a fabulous rate.

You might be reading this and thinking of course you are going to write a post about investing in your business – you are a business coach selling your services.

However, I am fed up of seeing many brilliant and talented women who are not making their dreams non-negotiable and they are not succeeding either.

They are not giving themselves the opportunities to truly strive and succeed.

They are waiting for the perfect moment.

They are also waiting for everything to be in place.

They think they HAVE to figure it out on their own.

So if this is resonating with you, I have some questions for you:

If you made your dreams non-negotiable what would that look like for you?

What would you be doing right now?


If you didn’t wait for the perfect moment or to have everything in place, what would that like for you?

What would you be doing right now?


If you had support in your business, what would that look like?

What would be happening right now?

Once you have written down your responses, how do you feel?

Have you lit the fire inside you?

Are you ready to receive some help and support in growing your totally amazing business?



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I can’t wait to connect with you further and to share this content with you.

Love Rachel x