My Biggest Lesson I Have Learnt About Business Is This! | Rachel Smith

Running a business is scary stuff.

It is quite possibly the fastest and steepest learning curve any job will ever take you on.

You start off feeling energised and excited – sharing with everyone and anyone your big fabulous goals and dreams.

I know I did.

And then reality hits.

Your heart wants your business to thrive and survive.

Your bank account NEEDS your business to thrive and strive.

So you buckle down and start to learn how to run and grow a business and you work hard.

Harder than you ever had.

You make progress.

But actually when you are brave enough to look at the numbers – truly look at the numbers, its a shock!

You are not generating very much PROFIT.

And your working hours definitely do not equate to the hours and the expertise you are POURING into your business.

Facebook and Instagram drive you crazy – everywhere you look there are a dozen more people online doing what you are doing.

What to do?
Work harder?
Give up?
Ignore reality?

Keep everything crossed that it will all work out – that this is the year you will make your business happen.

You start to invest – you are looking for that one programme – that one training programme that will FIX everything.

Every time you invest, your heart and your soul sores – this is it. This is the one.

But it doesn’t.

It barley makes any difference.

You start to berate yourself – you are not clever enough, young enough, rich enough to make your business dreams a reality.

You feel like fraud and a failure.


If this feels as though, I have access to your head and your heart, and you are wondering how I can write everything that is massively personal to you, I want to share with you, I can write this, because I understand.

Every single one of these thoughts and experiences I have personally experienced.

I do not write this in judgment or to share some marketing BS where I tell you that I have one singular product that will FIX it all.

Running a business is scary and there is little surprise that only a few businesses survive in the long term.

However, what I can share with you, is something that EVERYONE has access to and once I committed to working on this, everything in my business and my life changed.

Really really quickly.

Are you ready for the big reveal?

You won’t be massively surprised.

You will probably smack your head because you already know this, deep down at some level within your very being.

Back in 2016, when I decided that my business was going to be hugely successful, I realised that the big shiny thing MISSING from my business was a daily mindset practice.

Creating that daily mindset practice changed my business for ever – instead of working really really hard and generating 1-2K a month, I started to generate consistent months of 5K.

Building belief every single day in yourself is essential if you are serious about achieving better results.

Re-training your brain for success and possibility is a GAME CHANGER.

But you know this – you have seen and heard lots of people say this over and over again, however it is still something you haven’t nailed.


I understand this.

Where to start and what to do can feel tricky.

And that is why I have something extraordinary for you.

I have created a 5 day experience no, challenge, because I am challenging you to change your life and change your business this year.

During these 5 days, I am going to personally support you to create your own powerful mindset practice that will see you going from barely profitable to profitable and beyond.

If you are ready to stop working in your old ways and to become wide open to trying something different, something that actually works.

And if you are truly ALL IN to make your business the success that you wanted to back when you started, I would love for you to come and join me on this challenge.

The challenge, is completely free.

We start on Monday 21 January and during this time we will be working together to set you FREE from your worries and stress and to set you up for fabulous success and wealth in 2019.

Sign Up For Free: 5K Mindset Challenge

This 5 day challenge is not about you having to become hugely spiritual or it’s not even terribly woo woo.

This is for you, if you already understand that your belief and confidence in yourself is your biggest block to everything you DESIRE!

I can’t wait to share this business and life changing content with you!

Love Rachel x</em>

p.s. to access all of the content and bonuses you have to sign up to the challenge x