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Make 5K Your ‘Norm’ EVERY Month!

Did you know you are hiding your DEEPEST Desires?

Those things, experiences and norms that you REALLY want to experience in your life.

You are numbing out what you truly want because of the fear and worry that is clouding your every thought and action you take in your business.

You are not alone and this is a real challenge many female entrepreneur’s who are just like you, face everyday.

And whilst you are reading this, perhaps you are wondering how you could be feeling, how you do now, when early on in business, you believed that anything and everything was possible for you.

Back then, you religiously followed other people’s success, you were hungry for what you wanted to achieve in terms of:

  • Freedom
  • Money
  • Travel
  • Adventures
  • Success
  • Status
  • Choice

Perhaps you even invested in programmes and bootcamps, truly believing THIS time, your investment was going to give you the SOLUTION that was going to MAKE everything in your business brilliant.

You felt that with THIS investment, you were finally going to figure out how to call in a CONSISTENT flow of clients and money to you.

However, the reality is that it most cases you haven’t even opened half of the content from the programme or programmes because your self doubt and worry took over.

And you have returned to feeling DEEPLY frustrated with your inability to make your dreams your reality.

How you feel impacts on your business.  It affects how you show up, your actions, your prices, how consistent you are.

You stop selling, or perhaps you never even got started selling your products or services.

You create content, that lets be honest looks and feels like a lot of other people’s because it feels safe.

You hangout out ALL day on social media and then kick yourself for losing another day not achieving your goals.

You get TRIGGERED when you see another post about how fabulous and successful someone else is in business and life.

Until you STOP this cycle it will continue.

There are some very simple, yet powerful strategies you can use that will help you BREAK this cycle of frustration.

It takes some work but the results are well worth the trouble!


Make time EVERYDAY, yes everyday to work on your belief, on your mindset.

Find ways to programme yourself to ONLY believe that everything you want in your business, can and will happen.

Your mindset work could be journalling, a gratitude diary, meditating, exercising, visualisation, EFT, NLP for example.


  • Read inspirational books and blogs.
  • Watch brilliant YouTube Videos
  • Listen to Podcasts.
  • Work on yourself EVERYDAY.
  • Start to become FEARLESS in your desires and dreams.
  • Make working on your mindset one of your DAILY non-negotiables!


Get really clear about what your deepest desires truly are.

Until you understand these, it is going to be really difficult to feel the fire in your belly and take action.

THROW off your cloak of protection that is currently numbing out who you truly are.

Write out what you truly desire in business and life.

Make these your DAILY priorities.


Your audience needs to FEEL you – all of you.

Be you – be as authentic as you can be.

If your comfortable normal is walking in the woods in your wellies, let your audience see this.

Start doing your live streams in the woods.

Rather than waiting for the moment when you look perfect and your lighting is perfect and your message is perfect.

Share who you truly are – share your story – share your TRUTHS.

Find your voice and keeping using it.

There is no formula that works.

And guess what you?

You are already good enough.  Right now.


If you are feeling unsure, out of sorts or just fed up, work on yourself first.

Do whatever you need to change your vibe.

Remember>>>>Your Vibe – Attracts Your Tribe.

You don’t want to be showing up to your audience if you are feeling shitty!

Figure out regularly:

  • Who is your soul mate client?
  • How you want to serve them?
  • What PAID products and services do you want to make available?


Be consistent.

Don’t keep falling off the planet, you will have to WORK hard to get your audience back.

Figure out how you want to show up and when and commit to doing it, consistently.

Be playful and figure out what works for you and your audience.


Seriously, why would you even want to do that?

Be supported.

Join a Mastermind – be coached – join a networking group of likeminded women (and men)

Join a membership group.

It is the SUPPORT you receive that will make the BIGGEST impact to your business!!!!


There is no WRONG or no RIGHT.

There is just you, your desires and your ability to attract everything you want.

Build Your Belief.

Only ever take Aligned Action.

Be You.

Be consistent!

Be Supported!!!!!!

You can actually do this.

Love Rachel x

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