Love Your Money (and it will love you back!) - Rachel Smith

love-your-moneyDo you love your money?



Or perhaps that statement makes you feel ever so slightly uncomfortable?

Maybe it sounds brash or greedy to agree to love your money?
Or maybe you would just like to some more money to love?

If you are working hard in your business to attract more new clients and a consistent flow of clients and it feels like an uphill struggle right now, you definitely need to read the rest of this post.

Like it or not, as a business owner you need to have a decent relationship with money becuase you will be consistently asking for it in exchange for your services.

However, this can feel pretty difficult if you are worrying about where your next paying client is coming from.

Or how you are going to pay your bills.

Or if you are good enough to price yourself at a higher price point.

Or take your business to the next level.

Or reach your income goal and desired life style and business success.

However, the old saying what you focus on is what you attract is very true.

All the time you are worrying about money, you will find it extremely difficult to attract money into your business.

This is where LOVING your money comes into play.

When you have a good relationship with money you can call money into your business all the time.

Remember like attracts like.

If you find yourself worrying about money, turn this around and start to focus on how you are opening up lots of opportunities for your clients to come and work with you and complete deep transformation work that will improve their X,Y,Z

Focus on what you want to happen, not on what has happened in the past.

*Pay money attention!

To call more money to you, you need to Know what money is coming into your business and where from AND you need to know where money is going out of your business too.

*Plan For More Money

Plan for more money to come in – get really clear about what products and services you are going to be making available to your ideal clients.

This is truly daily work – if you can’t manage it every day at least make this weekly work.

The Deep Work*

Understanding your money story and how that impacts on your current beliefs about making money is essential – when you complete this work and you will have no problem increasing your prices, selling more or creating high end opportunities for your ideal clients.

Yes this can feel like difficult work to complete, however you will experience the biggest transformation from loving your money.

READY To Love Your Money More?

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Remember you receive money in return for the brilliant work you do – the more money you make the more clients you will work and support and the more money you make the more amazing choices you get to make too.

Love your money and call more of it to you!

Love (of course) Rachel x