It's Time To Wake Up And Be Unapologetically Successful! - Rachel Smith
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It’s Time To Wake Up!

Have you heard?  It’s time to wake up and be unapologetically successful in your business.

This is your time to create and live the most amazing life.

All the ‘normal’ rules can be thrown out of the window.

We don’t have to work 9 to 5pm – 48 weeks of the week with limited time off.

We don’t fit into someone else’s pay structure – we create our own!

We have an amazing and unique opportunity to lead the way for future entrepreneurs.

The next generation are looking to you and I to show them how to be amazing – fearless and entrepreneurial.

Running your own business is going to be ‘normal’ pretty soon.

In the UK it is anticipated that by 2025 – 60% of the working adult population will be self employed.

I know it’s scary – overwhelming and running your own business can evoke feelings of doubt and worry.

However, this is our time.

To be the leader.

To be brave.

To be open to learning.

And to making mistakes – tons of them!

This is also our time to create a business that truly gives us freedom and flexibility.

To earn whatever we want – seriously (I will be sharing how soon!)

To work only with clients or customers who light us up.

To work online or offline whatever WORKS for you.

It’s time to WAKE UP.

To understand that whatever you want to achieve can be achieved.
Any doubt?

Listen to this short interview with one of my amazing clients here, Diane Bassford, and hear how as a busy working parent, Diane runs not just one business but many businesses.

Interview –

Diane, like the rest of us have had to work for her success – she is a wonderfully gifted person, however she didn’t wake up one day with utter conviction that she could be the success that she is today.

It is time for you to achieve EXACTLY (and more) what you want.
Because you can.

I have run my own coaching business for MANY years – I also spent many of those years working really hard and believing that earning £5,000 a month was not possible.

However, in the past 18 months everything has changed.

I now regularly earn £5,000 weeks.

And it’s not just about the money I generate and the options and choices this money gives me.

It’s about all the amazing women I get to meet and work with.

It’s also about all of my clients who learn how to take their business to the next level and start to live their abundant life.

It’s about running my business around my children and being there for them whilst they are little and living with me.

It’s all about my utter conviction that anyone can achieve whatever they truly desire.

It’s about the positive impact I am making on my children’s lives.

And over riding all of this – is even though I have told in the past not to do this – not to do that – you won’t achieve that etc., I have created an extraordinary life.

A life where I get to be creative, supportive and a leader for other women who have woken up to their ability to generate WHATEVER they desire!

This is our time.

It’s time for all of us to put playing it small away and to play as BIG in our lives and businesses as we want to!

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Love Rachel x