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Biz Freedom & SuccessI Want To Set You Free & Remove The ‘Shoulds’ So You Can Call In Your Soul Clients, Gracefully!

Are you working HARDER in your business than you ever did when you had a ‘job’?

Are you spending hours and hours DOING everything that you think you should be?

Are you forever frustrated with all of the work you do over and over again, without achieving the results you truly want?

Have you dumbed down your dreams?

Believing now that actually you can’t have the BIG pay days, they are only for the few lucky ones.

You sit and watch over and over again the mentors and coaches you follow achieve success after success.

Their launches are incredible.

They receive the big paydays.

You have bought their courses, their programmes and the bootcamps and you fill your days with all of the activity as advised by these experts.

You are emulating your coaches business, trying to look and sound like them.

It works for them, they have shown you how to run a business just like theirs, yet it doesn’t work for you.

Your confidence ebbs away.

Your belief is on the floor.

You consider giving it all up.

Yet, you can’t.

You are a smart women with a sliver of hope that next month will be different.

Here is the reality check.

In order for you to call in the success you want you have to have a:

Business Model That Actually Works For YOU.

A business model that lights you up, allowing you to work in a way that actually means something to you.  A way of working that is in true alignment with who you are.  Not someone else.

Know and Love Your Soul Clients.

You only EVER want to work with clients who are a delight and yes at times a challenge, you want to have simple ways to speak to these people, to call them to you and to build relationships with them.


In you, your dreams, your mission and your utter belief that you will achieve your dreams.  If you don’t have this right now, FIX this before you take any other action.

In order for you to call in your soul clients easily and gracefully, vibrational your soul clients need to feel your conviction and confidence in yourself before they will be ready to work with you.

Work With What You Have.

We all understand that, 1-2% of your audience will buy from you at anytime.

If you are looking to impact hundreds or even thousands with your next launch, map out EXACTLY how you will attract these soul clients to you and go and complete the work until you have your audience.

In the meantime, work with what you have.  And create what you want, when you want too.

Offer 121.

Group Coaching.

Group Training.

Long term offer and short term offers.

Whatever you decide to do, only ever create something that makes you feel excited!

Let go of the NEED to have a signature programme that you launch over and over again.

If this business model DOES NOT fill you up with joy – don’t do it!!!

Break the Mould

Be brave and be different.  Just because your latest bootcamp has shown you the X and Y and Z to success.  This is just someone else’s model that works for them.

You have to find a way to make it work for you.

Trying to deliver someone else’s business model is HARD WORK.

Which elements of the training really resonates with you?

How can you use this in your business?  What can you tweak to make it work even more?

Create, Launch and Sell Frequently.

Make amazing offers frequently to your audience.

Get use to delivering fabulous content and making offers to continue working with your further.

You need to be WIDE OPEN to business.

Be Supported.

Trying to create, grow and run your business on your own is just CRAZY.

You can’t know everything, do everything and understand how to keep focused, motivated and achieve even higher levels of success on your own.

Recruit a VA / book – keeper.

Work in a PAID mastermind.

Work with a coach who understands that your business needs to be built on who you are, what your vision, your mission and your true passions are.

Be You!

You can’t be anyone else.

You can only be you.

And you are already good enough.

Ready To Let Go Of The Shoulds?

You can see that actually you are busy busy trying to deliver a business model that actually doesn’t work for you.

You are ready to call in your amazing brilliant soul clients to you over and over again, working with what you have, whilst growing what you need?

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