I Use To Be Petrified In Business! | Rachel Smith

I use to be petrified that I couldn’t make my business work.

I use to wake up in the middle of the night, heart thumping, worrying. Worrying about where my next paying client was coming from.

Worrying about being a success and bringing all of my dreams to fruition.

Dreams that I so wanted to make my reality.

I was busy watching other amazing entrepreneurs grow their business and I just couldn’t figure out why I had got it so wrong.

I started to tell myself that this online business is only for a lucky few.

I started to believe that I couldn’t make it.

I started to panic about what JOB I would take instead of running my business.

I started to panic about having to juggling working for someone else and childcare.

I was evasive when anyone asked me how business was going.

I was evasive when my husband asked about my day.

I was super evasive about the money I was ‘investing’ in my business.

It felt like a cycle I couldn’t break.

Worry – worry – worry.

I still showed up in my business but I was confused about what else to do.

I still created content and pretended everything was AMAZING!

I still showed up and worked with my clients.

It felt so stressful and so demoralising.

No-one ever talks about this, truthfully.

There is so much marketing BS about how people where down to their last pound/dollar and then all of a sudden they were bringing in millions.

I had clients, I was making money.

However, the money I was making was not what I wanted and it certainly wasn’t equivalent to the time, energy and investment I was putting in.

I felt like a complete fraud.

I was torn between jumping off this crazy ride to hanging on for dear life.

So what did happen?

What made the switch?

I had had enough – enough of panicking and worrying.

I had enough of watching other successful people have an amazing life.

At this point, I was wide open to be truthfully answer a question – a question, I had been asked many times before by coaches – the question was HOW OPEN WAS I TO SELLING?

It was like I had been hit over the head with a very heavy book.

I wasn’t really open at all.

All the worrying and doubt had dumbed down my belief about whether I could be a success.

I wasn’t really selling either.

I ran a few launches a year and that was it.

I was giving away really valuable content without following it up with a call to action to come and work with me.

I realised I was pretty good at writing and creating great content, I was pretty awesome at building great communities and nurturing relationships within those communities, I was a great coach and I had lots and lots of expertise and experience relevant to my soul mate client.

However, I was pretty bad at asking for the sale.

Sound familiar?

Does this blog post feel as though I have touched a nerve or two of your own?

I could create a ton of content about selling now, however rather than fall down that rabbit hole, I want to ask you something really important instead.

So grab your notepad and a pen and get ready to write your responses to these questions:

How much do you want your business to succeed?

Like really, are you ready to step up, face your demons and do the work?

What does success look like for you?

Be specific – how clients, how much income are you earning and then add some lifestyle measures, how many holidays do you take, where?  How much money do you have in the bank?  How does your business positively impact on you and your loved ones?  What does life feel like?

Do you feel like you are currently ALL IN to doing what it takes to grow and run a successful business?

Be honest here.  Has your confidence taken a beating, do you feel like you are only half committed right now?

How frequently are you going out there and creating opportunities for your clients to come and work with you?

There is only one answer here and that is your reality about how much you are promoting and selling your products and services?

and finally, how much do you BELIEVE you can have the business and the life you desire?

I get this one, truly I do.  Until I started to work on my mindset, my business remained stuck.

QUESTION: What have you learnt about where you are right now in your business?

QUESTION: What will you do differently to change your current situation?

I use to think there was some missing strategy or THING that was going to save my business.  I was forever on the hunt for the next shiny object that would solve everything.

The truth is, there isn’t one thing.

It’s a bunch of things.

However, what will really save your business is YOU!!!

And you can, if you really really want to.

And to get you started with creating your future business, I have recorded a super powerful and focused 30 minute Masterclass where I share how you can create a business model that gives you complete clarity about what products and services to bring to the market, your prices and exactly how your clients will flow from one product to another.

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Let me know how you get on, I would love to hear,  love Rachel x