Is Fear Based Marketing Damaging Your Business? | Rachel Smith

Is Fear Based Marketing Damaging Your Business???

This week, I spent 60 minutes watching a webinar that promised to share strategies to help me grow my business.

In the entire 60 minutes, I actually learnt very little.

This is NOT because I am already knowledgable in the subject – I was seriously interested in the content.

The actual webinar was very professional and the content was delivered very beautifully and elegantly however it was also wrapped up with FEAR!

And very little tangible content.

When you are in a vulnerable place in your business, this fear based marketing can pull you off track, put you into debt and make you feel completely overwhelmed!

So let’s talk about the fear because I am completely fed up of seeing and hearing this happening all the time.

These experts are using FEAR to make you buy.


The fear is, if you miss out on their amazing opportunity you will FAIL – fail to attract new clients, fail to meet your goals and fail in succeeding.

Back when my business was stalling and struggling, I watched webinars likes this and instantly felt like a FAILURE.

A failure because I couldn’t afford the FABULOUS SOLUTION that was going to save my business and a failure because I couldn’t figure it out on my own.

Much of the FEAR BASED marketing also leads you to believe that THIS is the quick win to greater business success.

For example – follow my formula and you too can generate $12,000 in sales in a week!

Do you recognise this type of marketing?

Perhaps you have bought a product in a similar situation or perhaps you have taught to sell like this.

Perhaps you have had your fingers burnt on a similar pitch and you now very little faith in purchasing support for your business.

What I want to share is there is another way to launch and sell that isn’t based on fear.

You don’t have to step into this style of selling and you definitely don’t need to buy from this position either.

Believe me, when I share that it actually FEELS amazing both as the giver and the receiver to RECEIVE content that SERVES a purpose.

You can’t give away ALL of your expertise in serving your audience in a 60 minute webinar and you definitely can’t give away all of your expertise in delivering free challenges, printables, podcasts, videos etc.,

In all of my FREE activities I serve my audience and share actual content and I make no apologises for making an actual offer that I believe my audience wants and needs following this.

Even if someone doesn’t decide to work with me, I am satisfied that they have walked away with content they can USE in their business!


And if you want to see how you can serve your audience authentically through sharing usable content, come and join me next week in my BRAND NEW 5 day challenge – Create Your Next OMG Offer.

During this 5 day challenge, I will be sharing how to create offers for your soul mate clients that SELL AND I will also be supporting you to make it happen!

And I promise there is no FEAR BASED marketing happening during this challenge!



Just lots of juicy content and support.

You can still grow a really successful business, be completely authentic, sell all the time without feeling icky with using FEAR.

I am taking a STAND against FEAR BASED marketing.

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Love Rachel x

p.s. screw the rules and grow an awesome business instead!