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I have a great strategy that is going to help you to grow your business during COVID-19.

I am writing this post in mid April in the UK where we are in the midst of a world pandemic of COVID-19.

We have been social distancing in our homes for several weeks now.

The novelty of being at home along with other members of your family is starting to wear off.  And with it, there is a FRESH desire for CONNECTION and CONTENT.

We are beginning to think about life after COVID-19.

However, the reality of this, is still several weeks away.

But there is something else you can do RIGHT NOW that is so powerful in terms of serving your audience in the most brilliant way that will feed the desire for connection and content WHICH will in turn grow your audience and increase your visibility.


After COVID-19 we will remember the collaborations that helped us during this challenging time.  Every time I open up my Instagram Stories my feed is full of awesome content being created collectively.

Carry on reading here to discover how you can use this powerful strategy to serve your audience and grow your business.


Right now people are looking for more unique content. People want more content that specifically helps them right now in the midst of our pandemic.

Consider what content you can create and share online that will give your audience something valuable right now.  This content could be in the form of  blogs/vlogs/videos/tele-sumits/podcasts/interviews/instagram Stories & LIVES/YouTube.

Within two weeks of our self isolation in the UK I was a guest on a brilliant tele-sumit that reached thousands of business owners.

Consider WHO you can collaborate with right now, who can create unique content for YOUR AUDIENCE.

And equally WHO can you say yes to or ask if you can share your brilliant content with.

Be the guest.

Get into action and remember to make it really easy.

Grow Your Audience, Organically

One of the fastest ways you can grow your list / your audience is to have a relative Call To Action that directly SUPPORTS your ideal client right now.

Your Call To Action or freebie could be a guide, webinar or a challenge.

Promote this in all of your collaborations and in your social media posts/ blogs/etc.,

Collaborate with your audience and ask them to help you to promote your freebie.

Gift them something fabulous for telling people about your freebie, run a competition where your top collaborators receive something juicy and DESIRABLE.

Like a 121!

Or a bundle of your products.

Ask people to tag you in their Instagram stories and/or add a section in your Facebook Group Introduction Questions so you can monitor who your top collaborators are.

Create Great Sales

Use your existing audience and clients to help promote your paid offers.

Again collaborate with your actual clients, past and present.

If they love working with you, it is highly likely that they will happily tell their friends about you too, you just need to ask.

If you have an affiliate system – use it.

Interview your past current clients on you Facebook page via LIVE Video during your launch.

Ask people to share screenshots of your calls/training and tag you on social media.

Referrals are one of the biggest social proofs of how awesome you are.

Create case studies / collect and share testimonials of all the brilliant work you have completed with other happy clients.

There are so many ways that collaborating with other people can help you both serve your audience.

How can you use collaborations in your business?

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Love Rachel x

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