How To Create A Business That GIVES You A Life You Love | Rachel Smith

It happens.

All the time.

You start your business with passion and excitement.

You dive feet first (well in my case) into this exciting new world of being a business owner.

And then you discover

EVERYTHING that you could be – should be – doing!

There is so much to consume – webinars, guides, Facebook lives, blogs, summits, challenges, all giving us a snippet of how to run a business.

So you throw yourself in – you know you can do this.

And you roll up your selves and get to work.

And before you realise it, you have created a business, you are super busy and you are squeezing your life around it.

Your to do list is never ending.

And life rolls on.

Two years in and you are pretty exhausted and deflated.

You have tried everything.

You have downloaded and participated in every thing the web has thrown at you.

You might have even invested in the programmes, bootcamps, membership groups and coaching.

But business still leaves you feeling tired, wrung out and feeling like perhaps running your own business isn’t as exciting as you thought it would be, back in the day.

The good news is this.

There are just a few minor tweaks you can make to get you, your business and your passion for it back on track.

Some where along in your journey you have lost sight that actually everything you create in your business is your choice.

Believe it or not, you get to choose everything, even today.

Who you work with, how you work with them, how much you charge your clients, where you work, the hours you work, how much money you generate, how you FEEL about your business.

All you have to do is design your business around a life you want to live!


Grab your notebook and let’s get started with working this out.

This is one of my fav journalling exercises.

By free journalling you are going to let all of your desires, dreams and goals come pouring out.

There is no wrong or right way to do this.

Just get started and write out your perfect day in your business.

Start with from the moment you wake, continue through your working day and finish off with the end of your prefect working day.

The only rule is you go BIG AND BOLD in your journal exercise.

There is no how here, just you releasing the true version of your life you want to be living.

Take notice of who you are working with, how and how much money you are generating from these clients.

See yourself clearly in this role, be aware of what you are saying and how you are feeling about your business.

Get super creative.

If you want a private chef to come to your house and prepare your meals  – put that in.

If you want time in the day to go to the gym – put that in.

If you want to work around your family and be on the school run – put that in.

If you see yourself with additional help and support in your business – put that in.

If you see yourself travelling the world – put that in.

This is your COMPASS to creating a business that allows you to live this life.

Figure out how much money you need to be earning to live this amazing life.

Check in with your current version of your business – are your working with the right clients, in a way that allows you to live this life, do your current prices deliver your desired income?

Everything and anything is possible!

You just need to understand in the first instance WHAT you want and then figure out how to make this happen.

It’s all doable.

Many of my clients realise that actually they are not too far away from their desired life and others realise they have got on the wrong track.

But having the clarity of what they do want, puts the fire in their belly and helps them to create epic results in their business.

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Love Rachel x